LGBTQ Elopement Photographer

LGBTQ Elopement Photographer

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You just found your LGBTQ Elopement Photographer

I’m a LGBTQ elopement photographer & I hope you know you are welcome here! As a LGBTQIA couple, I hope you never have to ask any vendor if they’re “accepting” of you and your relationship. But, I know we don’t live in that world yet. But here, you are celebrated, no questions asked. Whether you are pansexual like myself, gay, lesbian, transgender, genderqueer, intersex, non-binary, agender, questioning or queer, you are welcome. I celebrated my first LGBTQIA couple in 2011 with a portrait shoot of two just-married men. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of The Gays: all of them incredible, amazing, kind people. I hope you are next to feel seen and that you can soon say, “These photos are SO US!”




About Me

I’m a pansexual LGBTQ elopement photographer with an obsession for mountains, hiking, and meeting new people. My photography style emphasizes the epic landscape of your dreams and the authentic moments that make you two.. well, you two! I love my job and my wild, weird and wonderful clients.

I hope that you can see yourselves represented here. And if you are part of a thruple, a polyamorous relationship or blended family, please know that you are welcome here too. Additionally, size diversity, disability rights and racial equality are part of my core values not just as a business, but as a human.

Lesbian Elopement Photographer

For their Colorado lesbian elopement, Molly & Meng wanted just 3 things. “Basic fall betch” autumn colors, epic mountain views, and “Lucy magic.” We absolutely delivered on all three. And of course the added bonuses of tenderness, gut-busting laughter, a fiery sunset and more visible love than you can drink a PSL to. Cheers to that!


Gay Elopement in Breckenridge

Curtis and Christian eloped in Colorado on Labor Day weekend. Their sunset elopement ceremony was at a lake in Summit County. This Elopement had everything – a steam train, mountain peaks, empanadas, moose, an unplanned maestro, emotional vows, sealing wax, lightning, a gondola, sunset lgbtq ceremony, a lord of the rings themed marriage contract and more beautiful gay magic than you can imagine.


Queer Proposal Photos

Shelby proposed to their girlfriend Dana while on a trip to Colorado. Shelby identifies as Trans and they both identify as queer. Together, Shelby and I coordinated to find the perfect place in Garden of the Gods for them to go down on one knee. When they popped the question, Dana was overcome with emotion. Her bright pink hair and the light drizzle made for the perfect combination for their queer proposal photos.


LGBTQ Inclusive Photographer

Kaige and Patrick oozed style and sophistication in their colorful gay wedding & engagement photos. We headed to Telluride for their mountain-magic gay engagement photos. Then their haunted-mansion October wedding made all my smoke machine dreams come true! Congratulations Kaige & Patrick!


Gay Maroon Bells Microwedding Inclusive Photographer

Gay Maroon Bells photos from Michael and Ryan’s amazing microwedding in Aspen. With champagne in hands, the guests were treated to a touching and personal ceremony officiated by the men’s friend. After their ADORABLE and totally gay first look, they gathered their small group of friends and three beloved dogs. I shot these alongside my friend Bonnie Photo.


Lesbian Proposal Photographer

Samantha & Alanna’s romantic LGBTQ proposal photos in Boulder. Samantha and I had been in cahoots for a few weeks, keeping the secret proposal plan under wraps. Alanna had been tipped off to a winter proposal instead, so she didn’t have a clue when Samantha suggested a sunrise hike in Boulder on a random Wednesday. Set up at the top of the mountain for them was a simple breakfast picnic – blankets, coffee, and Alanna’s favorite treat: cinnamon rolls!


Gay Inclusive Photographer

Patrick and Wesley joined me at sunrise to take their fun gay engagement photos at some ruins. Okay, the ruins aren’t from ancient Rome, but for a morning we could pretend! It was hella cold that morning, and the first rays of sunlight lit up the two men’s breath as they laughed at everything- and nothing. I love a laid back couple that doesn’t take themselves too seriously!


Lesbian Wedding & Engagement Photos

Jamie and Kelley are unlike any coupe I’ve ever met. Their colorful lesbian wedding photos show they are playful, silly, and they do NOT hold back. When I set out to capture a couple’s LGBTQ wedding photos, the goal is always to catch moments that are authentic. These ladies agreed to give me the keys to their life for a day. It was an honor to witness and photograph their tender and emotional wedding ceremony as they spoke their hearts to one another.


Colorful LGBTQ Engagement Photos

Yvonne & Natalie wanted big, bold, beautiful engagement photos just like them! We headed to the most colorful area of Denver with rainbow graffiti and crosswalks for their lesbian engagement photos. They are absolutely smitten with each other and the colors will punch you in the face!


Lesbian Engagement & Intimate Wedding Photographer

Erika & Megan had a cute backyard lesbian engagement session before their vintage-glam intimate wedding at a small historic inn. The joining of two lives and two wives in such a tender and personal way is my favorite. These intimate wedding photos are so full of the small, in between, quiet moments. The belly laughs, tender touches, family hugs, emotional cake eating because it’s that good you might cry.


Two Day Queer Elopement & Wedding Photos

This genderqueer & poly pair planned their elopement to be above all else, authentically THEM. On a bright September Thursday they gathered their besties in a colorful hostel and had a pillow fight. Will kept his look a secret from Ruth, so he tapped her on the shoulder for the big reveal. Then we headed up into the mountains outside of Fort Collins for their intimate elopement. The next day, they had an epic wedding bash with all their loved ones – including a sassy flower grandma and a nerf gun fight. As a LGBTQ inclusive photographer, I couldn’t be happier that these two chose me to break the norm together!


Lesbian Engagement Photos at Night

Caty & Kaitlyn met up with me after dark to explore the possibilities of engagement photos at night! Kaitlyn is an astronomer so having the stars in the photos was their goal. The end result was star trails and lesbian engagement photo magic on the mountainside.



Lesbian Destination Wedding Photos

Two more bright, kind, goofy, warm and cat-loving souls you will not encounter. These beautiful ladies laughed during prep, beamed through their entire rained-out ceremony, cried together, they also get the prestigious award for most glitter used at a wedding – it went with their unicorn & narwhal theme! After dark, we created probably the best night rain wedding photos of my career.


Gay Wedding Photos at Evergreen Lake House

A wonderful August day set the scene for Dustin and Anthony’s amazing gay evergreen lake house wedding photos. I knew these men were fun, stylish and good looking, but I didn’t know everything – literally everything!- about their wedding was going to be equally as magical, heartfelt, care-free, fabulous, and beautiful as they are! 


Queer Boudoir Photos – LGBTQ Inclusive Photographer

Celebrating this genderqueer, transgender and nonbinary soul through the magic of queer boudoir photography was a treat! Deer antlers MAY be a part of their gender. We played with shapes, colors and body ody ody ody. Being a LGBTQ inclusive photographer means embracing all bodies, all the time. Luckily, that’s pretty easy to do!


Backyard Lesbian Wedding

Tonya & Gina’s backyard intimate wedding photos speak for themselves. Instead of splurging on a wedding venue, they decided to renovate their backyard into an entertaining space they could also get married in! The enduring love, heartfelt vows, and gleeful spirit of family & friends made this wedding a celebration for the books! With so many happy years behind them, and so many more ahead, it was my treat to capture this day.


Brandon & Adam’s LGBTQ Inclusive Photographer

After marrying in a private ceremony at home, Brandon in his military uniform, Adam and Brandon celebrated with a post-elopement portrait session. They combined their session in their wedding wear and street clothes with their dog. It rained at the very end, offering us an unforgettable night shot!


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