Backyard LGBTQ Elopement Photos

Tonya & Gina’s Backyard LGBTQ Elopement Photos

It’s time for the intimate and beautiful backyard LGBTQ elopement blog you’ve all been waiting for! Tonya & Gina‘s wedding photos speak for themselves. The enduring love, heartfelt vows, and gleeful spirit of family & friends made this wedding a celebration for the books! With so many happy years behind them, and so many more ahead, it was my treat to capture this day – Congratulations!!

Planning by ShineOn Events | Crazy awesome dance party by DJ Vance



Gina was so happy and glowing all day! 


 Two brides = twice the gorgeousness. Tonya is so radiant as she shares a few moments with her daughter!


Do you think they were excited?!

GT9 GT10 GT11

Not promises, but privileges. Pretty much everyone was crying! 

GT12 GT13

I’m a sucker for so much love- this family is SO happy for them! 


This is Tonya’s answer to the awful question of “But who will wear the tux?” that she was asked while planning the wedding. It’s right here on her middle finger!


This love is forever.

GT17 GT19 GT20

There is so much giggling!

GT21 GT22 GT23 GT24

Gina & Tonya graciously hosted their party in their backyard, with collected tables, chairs & linens and a deck & dance pavilion built by Tonya herself! As you can see, it was absolutely beautiful. 

GT25 GT26

Family put together their dessert bar which was a huge hit!




The victory and triumph of the marriage license signing carried over into their first dance! The afternoon glow was a dream.

GT30 GT31 GT32 GT33

To everyone’s surprise, their song cut into SUPER FREAK! 

GT34 GT35

I love people in love.  

GT37 GT38 GT39

Kylie from ShineOn events got in a selfie with me! 


This was one of the best dance parties I’ve seen. 1000% participation and conviction. 

GT41 GT42 GT43

And when your DJ, wedding planner and photographer met through dance, you’re sure to see some funkalicious moves out there! 

GT44 GT45 GT46 GT48 GT49


  1. Trudi Sandoval says:

    These pictures are amazing! They made me smile, and cry all over again! Best wedding I’ve ever attended, and we were so happy to be a part of two wonderful friends first day of the rest of there lives, as a married couple!!! Love you two!!!! Whooooooo, Gina, and Tonya!!!! Here’s to many more wonderful memories together!!!

  2. These photos are so magical! Gina and Tonya are amazing women and their wedding was a testament to how powerful love can be! I’m in awe of you and your work Lucy and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  3. doris alcon says:

    WOW. Thank You Tonya. I finally received, the wait was worth it. You two are Awesome/ Beautiful. Love each other Forever. Miss you @ work.

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