Meet your National Park Photographer & Planner


I’m Lucy, a normal human being total goof. Creating a fun atmosphere where it’s easy for you to feel comfortable being YOURSELF is why I get out of bed in the morning. The word “professional” in front of “photographer” is a little hard for me to stomach, since I lie in the dirt A LOT. But what I lack in dignity I make up for in sound effects. I’ve been shooting people in love since 2009 though, so I guess I must accept the title. Fun fact: I am also an “adult”.

I specialize in planning and photographing 2-person dream-date style elopements that tick off as much of your bucket list as possible.

“Not all treasure is silver and gold.”
-Captain Jack Sparrow

Here’s what I do:


Planning your Elopement

I’m your fairy godmother of planning. I create one of a kind experiences based on what YOU love doing – all you have to do is say YES! With my extensive location guidance and custom maps, I help connect you to local vendors, unique accommodation and activities.


Your day is here!

ITS HAPPENING! I come prepared, with a bit of cat hair (for flair!) to document all the fun you’re having as your day unfolds. Shenanigans, unplanned moments, and authentic candids are my favorite. Great photos come from great moments and I make sure there are a lot of those. I’m in your corner and I make it happen for you.


Your final product

After you’ve had the best freaking day ever, you get a whopperload of sneak peeks within 24 hours. When you see your gallery, you’ll be amazed at how much each photo transports you back to every emotion you were feeling. It’s truly like a time machine for you to remember your day by.

“She got fire ants in. her. pants. (literally!) and continued to shoot!!
What the actual f***!”

-Alex & Amber
married people

Over 100

More about me

My bucket list elopements

  • A Japan elopement in the cherry blossoms
  • A safari elopement in South Africa
  • An underwater diving elopement

My Favorite Moment of Elopements

My favorite part of every elopement day is definitely the post-ceremony butt-grab. How hard you squeeze is up to you.

Meet my Family

I married my dreamboat husband (He’s the one on the right) under a treehouse in 2019. We have 2 insane cats, a forever sleepover, a made-up language, and a never-ending bucket list. I recommend it all.

What makes me stand out

I’m #1 in the world

I have an extensive awards cabinet for authentic, storytelling images at elopements, earning me the top rank on earth.

I put the B in LGBTQ

So OF COURSE I accept, celebrate, and will photograph your love, no matter your identity and orientation.

I’m ordained

So you can self solemnize your marriage in almost any US state, and I’ll take care of the legal paperwork for you.

Not into peak bagging

I would rather take my time and explore rather than chase a list of summits.

Wilderness First Aid Certified

I’m chronically overprepared and certified in Wilderness First Aid & CPR.

I make my own maps

I’ve created over 50 custom maps of every elopement destination so you can explore & plan from your living room.

Contact Me

Let’s talk about your elopement dream.
I’ll get in touch with you the same day.

Elopement Photographer Video

This self made video perfectly encapsulates who I am and what I’m about. And that is: ridiculousness.

Lucy is also the founder of the Legend Awards competition for Elopement Photographers.