What makes me the best national park photographer for you? Let me explain.

Photo by Rob Spring Photography
On the day I got married, we signed our marriage license on our friend’s backs under a treehouse next to a pizza food truck. This is why I recommend doing it your way.

Meet your National Park Photographer & Guide

I’m basically if Steve Irwin was a photographer.. and also a fairy godmother of making things happen. When I’m shooting I’m a normal human being total goof, creating a fun atmosphere where it’s easy for you to feel comfortable being YOURSELF. The word “professional” in front of “photographer” is a little hard for me to stomach, since I lie in the dirt A LOT. But what I lack in dignity I make up for in sound effects. I’ve been shooting people in love since 2009 though, so I guess I must accept the title. Fun fact: I am also an “adult”. I have a husband and two ridiculous cats. We have a forever sleepover, a made-up language, and a never-ending bucket list. I recommend it all.

“Not all treasure is silver and gold.”
-Captain Jack Sparrow

Elopement photographer Lucy Schultz raises her arms against the blue sky in Yosemite National Park in California.
Lucy doing something weird with her arms in Yosemite National Park



I’m at my happiest when I’m exploring a new place. Or when I’m sharing it with new friends. Or maybe photographing people there..

“She got fire ants in. her. pants. (literally!) and continued to shoot!!
What the actual f***!”

-Alex & Amber
Married People

Over 90

I’m nomadic!

But I won’t make it my entire personality.

I live in this camper, full time, year round. We call it “The Mobile Command Center.”

Based in Colorado and the Southwest

I live nomadically on the road and travel across the USA shooting amazing elopements along the way. I promise you, It’s not instagram glamorous. Everything is always breaking and it looks like the 90’s in here. But this allows me to embrace my love of travel, hidden gems and the great outdoors. I also get to meet up with YOU wherever you desire.

I’m certified in:
– Officiating marriages
– Wilderness First Aid
– Scuba Diving (AOW, Nitrox, and Dry suit)

I’m a LGBTQ inclusive photographer, committed to inclusivity and diversity in my work and as a human.

Let’s Connect!

Let’s talk about your elopement.
It’s ok, you won’t be the weirdest human here. I was homeschooled.

Elopement Photographer Video

This self made video perfectly encapsulates who I am and what I’m about. And that is: ridiculousness.

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