Maroon Bells Gay Elopement

two grooms have their elopement ceremony at the Maroon Bells.

Michael & Ryan’s Maroon Bells Gay Elopement

Wow, wow, wow! You are going to love these Maroon Bells gay elopement photos from Michael and Ryan’s amazing day in September. I shot these alongside my friend Bonnie-photo who was lead-shooting. I have NEVER seen such a beautiful display of golden aspens as we had on this day. They were poppin’. These iconic peaks were the perfect background for the smitten pair, as they wanted big views full of Colorado’s glory. They reserved the amphitheater and then set out to have as much fun as possible. After their ADORABLE lgbtq first look, they gathered their small group of friends and three beloved dogs. With champagne in hands, the guests were treated to a touching and personal ceremony officiated by the men’s friend.

A First Look at the Maroon Bells

Their first look took place in a secluded grove of Aspens away from the main view. This meant that Michael hadn’t even seen the Maroon Bells yet, so after the tears had dried from seeing Ryan, they walked hand in hand to the overlook. I took a chance and chose to shoot Michael’s reaction to the view they had dreamed of seeing on their big day. His jaw absolutely dropped and some appropriately inappropriate words came out of his mouth. They both got a little emotional, and their quiet pause taking in the mountain peaks together became one of my favorite moments of the day.

Intimate Reception in Aspen

Michael and Ryan had the most epic portrait session at the Maroon Bells after the ceremony. You will hardly believe your eyes that this place is real! The joy these two exude in everything they do together is really obvious, and we were grateful for all the support that every single hiker and passerby offered them. After breaking the charts with their gorgeous portraits, we all headed to Tatanka Aspen‘s downstairs dining room. This romantic haunt was perfect for their relaxed and delicious steak dinner. Then they pulled out all the stops with a dance party to end all dance parties. Congratulations you two!!

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