Inclusive Elopement Packages

NEW for 2023! I’m offering an upgraded client experience by opening my Inclusive Elopement Packages option for couples who want to elope and skip all the planning. Following my brand’s values of embracing the unique and laughing in the face of anything “cookie cutter”, there will still be opportunity to customize the elements that are more important to you – and I’ll handle the rest!

Why I offer All Inclusive Elopements

The person who has experienced the most elopements is… the photographer! I am uniquely positioned to have tons of experience at real elopements, celebrating real couples, and solving problems before they appear. I know what works logistically, and I’ve been thinking out of the box to facilitate the unique plans that my clients desire. For example, If that restaurant in town wants to upcharge you when they hear the word “wedding”, consider a private chef to save some money. I already create the timeline, style board and location list, help you pack & plan, and recommend vendors that help bring your elopement to life.

What you should know about elopement packages

Remote and scenic locations often have a high cost of living, and a smaller selection of vendors to hire. These vendors WILL be charging more than a big-city vendor, to account for their own higher costs. They will often be fully booked months in advance, too. These high quality services can be difficult to find, or may require the vendor to travel. By nature, you will be paying for this convenience. I’m used to navigating these challenges and I want to take this hassle off your plate.

All Inclusive elopement florals

Let’s talk florals. Firstly, if you don’t want to have flowers, you don’t have to! There are plenty of alternatives to adorn yourselves with if you choose – but it’s not a requirement that you hold a bouquet or pin some flowers to your lapel. If you do want flowers, you can choose from bouquet or flower crown, lapel corsage or pocket piece. Select a color palette if you have one in mind, and if you have no idea what will look good, just leave it up to me! Many national parks restrict the use of some flowers due to seed spread – so I can help make sure your florals follow the rules.

Elopement Officiants

Elopement officiants services can vary greatly! Most officiants will create a one of a kind ceremony written for and about you. Some officiants will join you on a hike to the chosen ceremony spot. Some elopement officiants will handle the marriage license after the ceremony and send it in to the appropriate office for filing. The best officiants do all 3! The most budget officiants start at around $800 in lower cost of living markets and expand up to $2500 in premium markets like Yosemite.

Get your All Inclusive Elopement Started!

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What I don’t do:

Your rings and outfits are not something I can include. The sourcing and payment for those is outside of the cost of your all inclusive elopement. Accommodation, flights, and meals on days outside of your elopement day are on you. Need something else? Let’s talk about it!