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Let’s talk about your elopement! It’s ok if you’re not sure of anything yet. I’ll show you how much fun is out there.. just waiting for you!
And, you won’t be the weirdest human there. I was homeschooled.

You deserve an elopement day that makes YOU happy.
Now it’s time to start the experience! If you can’t wait to start chatting and receiving intel, text me!

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More about your elopement photographer

First of all please know that I don’t have it together. If you do have it together, please let me know how you do it.

Worldwide elopement photographer Lucy Schultz is photographed here on assignment in New Zealand. She is wearing a backpack with 2 cameras, black clothes, and red shoes.

I’m nomadic. I live everywhere and nowhere in the west. California, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico are my playground.

I’m not a through hiker nor am I super interested in bagging summits. I love to explore and take my time. National Parks are awesome – and so are the lands outside of them. Let’s explore the next place together!