National Park Adventure Elopement Photographer

Nomadically serving National Park elopements in Colorado, Hawaii, California, Utah, Arizona, and destinations abroad.

A photo of an elopement couple in a  desert national park, with their silhouettes on the rock next to them, and the text "#1 elopement photographer in the world, 22 elopement story awards from WPJA" superimposed on the left of the image.

Have you ever been to a friend’s wedding and thought,
“Oh, I’d do this sooooo differently..”
Now it’s your turn. So do it your way.

Two grooms face each other and hold each others' hands resting forehead to forehead in front of the maroon bells with fall aspens and sunbeams streaming down on them.


I make sure there are a lot of those. By empowering you to choose experiences, activities, plans and details that make you EXCITED. I take away the stress of planning, and the cookie cutters too.

I’m #1 in the world for authentic elopement storytelling from Wedding Photojournalists Association and I’ve photographed over 200 amazing, unique, wild marriages.

A candid moment of a bride and groom getting pummeled by a waterfall at their new zealand adventure elopement in fjordland national park.
Newlyweds stargaze at their campsite during their camping elopement at Black canyon of the gunnison national park.

My style and approach

I only photograph & plan elopements with 15 or fewer guests. While I’m overly prepared for everything, I’d rather go with the flow than plan things down to the minute. I’m ready to embrace your inner weirdness and unique ideas. Nobody is normal and the world is better for it.

My photography style is, above all else, colorful. Because my photos show lifelike colors, you will have your landscape preserved timelessly. Your photo gallery will transport you back in time to what your incredible day really looked like. So you can visit and re-live it anytime. Overly brown and desaturated photos are trendy now, but won’t be popular forever.

Elopement Inspiration – Recent Destination & National Park Adventure Elopements

Inclusive National Park Adventure Elopement Photographer

ALL love & LGBTQIA people celebrated.
And, all my photography packages include the entire adventure because I truly believe in your story being told from start to finish.

National park adventure elopement photographer Lucy Schultz on a boat in a fjord.

I’m Lucy and I’m an “Adult”.

..So I’m told. But what I lack in dignity I make up for in sound effects and snackies. You don’t take yourself too seriously, and I don’t either – but I do LOVE my job as a National Park adventure elopement photographer and guide. I will help you every step of the way to experience the magic of marrying in the great outdoors.

My promise:

You will look epic.
We will have fun.
I will get dirty.

Over 240 happy couples.

“Most importantly, she really got to know us, who we are and what we wanted. ‘Above and Beyond’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.”

-Mike & Nina
Married People

How to decide if a National Park Adventure Elopement is right for you?

— You want candid images that capture what your day feels like
— You take having fun seriously
— Planning an event sounds like a giant pain in the ***
— Marrying in an epic landscape sounds awesome
— You want your photos and your day to reflect who you are together
— You are two weirdos, basically..

An elopement couple walks through the trails in Bryce Canyon national park.

Are you interested in eloping, but want to learn more before jumping in?

How this works:

1. Contact Me

Check for availability.

2. Book & Plan

Receive Location Intel.

3. Elope!

Have the BEST. DAY. EVER.

4. Relive Your Moments

You get hundreds of candid and colorful memories within 60 days.

Contact me. It’s no biggie.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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A view of Sedona, Arizona at sunset where you can plan an adventurous elopement.

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A bride wearing a flower crown looks up at the groom wearing a purple suit, surrounded by red, yellow and white wildflowers in Vail, Colorado with mountains in the background.

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Yosemite – Kauai – New Zealand – Zion – Costa Rica – Joshua Tree – Haleakala – Death Valley – Aspen, CO – Mono Lake – Mexico – Grand Canyon – White Sands – Telluride, CO – Moab – Saguaro – Denver – Mammoth Lakes – Crested Butte, CO – Valley of Fire – Bali – & Many more!