A creative 360 tiny planet image of a couple eloping in Marble, Colorado.

Marble Colorado Elopement Photos

Marble Colorado Elopement Photos

How do I even describe the magic of Lydia & Dan’s Marble, Colorado elopement day? Well, with photos usually! They say a picture paints a thousand words, and I couldn’t agree more. The love they have for each other? Obvious. The sunny day we had despite the rainy forecast? Blue sky in every frame. The candid, hilarious, unplanned, in-between moments of joy and laughter and sillyness? Captured. Their mountain elopement was a joy to plan, experience, and put together.

Airbnb Elopement in Colorado

Their elopement day started at a beautiful cabin in Marble, Colorado that they rented on Airbnb. The cabin had a wall of tall windows facing the mountains and it really set the scene and mood of their day: This is a getaway. This is special. We are waking up in a beautiful place. I love when couples choose to spend on things that aren’t things at all! Since they craved privacy, having their own space was one way to get away from it all. Their goal was to see a bear, but we ended up only seeing the.. ehem, evidence of one in the backyard.

A Full Day Mountain Elopement Timeline

There is no right or wrong way to have your elopement, only YOUR way. That said, you should absolutely fill your day with things you love. For Lydia and Dan, that meant having their first look in the early morning and then walking to Beaver Lake for their ceremony together. They privately said their vows, wiped each other’s tears, and then brought over Lydia’s parents to witness their ring exchange and triumphant first kiss. After the ceremony, they both wanted to wade in the ice cold river, so that’s exactly what they did! Leaving time for spontaneity gave us room to have FUN. Also, they intertwined their bare toes afterwards – I may have suggested that but I didn’t think they would actually do it.

Why Choose Marble, Colorado for your Elopement?

Unlike Aspen, Crested Butte, Estes Park, and Breckenridge – Marble is not a well known town in Colorado. It is certainly not a destination for elopements, but don’t take that to mean there is nothing to see there. There are beautiful lakes, waterfalls, mountains, and untouched wilderness. The famous Crystal Mill is located up a gnarly rocky 4×4 road from Marble, so that’s exactly where we headed after the ceremony. Crossing a giant puddle in their side-by-side was unforgettable!

Evening Elopement Activities in Colorado

When we returned from the ATV ride, it was snack time! We drove to a secret lookout – one of my favorite hidden gems- with panoramic views and shared a few snackies and a first dance on top of the world. Back at the Airbnb, a chef was cooking up all their favorites. During breaks between courses, butts did NOT stay in seats as their homemade playlist all but forced them to bust out a few moves. The meal was so good that Dan wound up blissed out on the floor – true story. Enjoy these highlights, but know that these two got over 1100 photos and 21 gifs in their full gallery.

Cake by Sunshine & Moons Bakery, Glenwood Springs CO
Hair and makeup by Becky at Shades Salon, Carbondale
Flowers by Modern West Floral Company, Carbondale
ATV by RPS Rentals, Marble
Dinner by Private Chef

Congratulations you two, and thank you for including me in this most incredible Marble Colorado elopement!

Want to Elope in Marble? Get in Touch!

I have availability for 1 more Marble Elopement in September 2024 and would love to share my custom map of the area with you! Thinking of eloping somewhere else in Colorado? Browse my Colorado elopement guide for ideas!

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