Private Chef Meals for Eloping Couples

Consider having Lucy’s husband Steven as your private chef.


Steven’s passion is food science and testing, so he often combines recipes according to test kitchen results to make scientifically the best food. Large portions, perfectly balanced sauces, creative pairings and no travel fees set him apart. His cooking is elevated but unfussy. He cooks in the full kitchen we have in our camper – truly home cooking. However, the kitchen is not gluten/allergen free. Sometimes Steven cooks in the VRBO or on site lodging.

Meet the Chef

Steven is a man of many passions and endless pursuits. He has been a mechanic, light rail train driver, insect researcher, server tech support, car alarm installer, aquaponics entrepreneur, and food scientist. Cooking and baking have always been his favorite relaxing activity, and he loves trying new foods, cuisines and recipes. He enjoys all food, even a greasy buffet or fast food taco. He has been known to roast his own coffee beans in a popcorn popper, grind fresh wheat, make his own yogurt and grow his own tomatoes. Nerd.

In addition, he’s Lucy’s dreamboat husband, driver of their house-on-wheels, and reluctant but loving cat-dad. He has traveled to Kenya, Hong Kong, Peru, Equador, Indonesia, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico, Tahiti, New Zealand, Italy and France where he ate all the things. His favorite meals are thai green curry, a bacon cheeseburger, pizza and steak.

TO CONTACT STEVEN: 720 236 7811

2022 Menu

Pricing is by group size. Groups of up to 15 can be accommodated.

Additionally, you may collaborate with Steven to create your own menu of your favorite foods for an additional cost. Breakfast & coffee can be available as an additional add on. Picnic lunch options are available, just ask! Because we travel full time, there are no travel fees for Steven’s Private chef services.