Estes Park Elopement Photos


October Estes Park Elopement Photos

If you’re here to see joyous fall Estes Park elopement photos – you’re in the right place! Tina and Stuart planned an amazing elopement that was perfectly them in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. They had fallen in love with Estes Park on a previous trip, so when they spontaneously decided to make it official, they knew it had to be Estes. I love when couples choose a location that is special to them for their day! I’ve got 30+ amazing elopement guides for everyone to find their perfect spot!

Their Elopement Style

Tina is a dreamboat- that much is obvious. The lace and tulle layers of her bridal gown washed over the blush underlayer like a dream. I’m honestly not sure if or why she would ever take this dress off! Her second Must-Have for her elopement planning was a gown with sleeves – and this one certainly delivered. She accessorized with a chic floral headband, pearl drop earrings, and …snowboots. After all, this was a late October elopement in Estes Park, and we were prepared for any weather! Stuart wore a perfect navy suit and tie with classic brown leather shoes.

Their Ceremony Outside the Park

Rocky Mountain National Park has strict rules about ceremonies taking place within the park’s boundaries. Since all the permits for 2021 were sold out, we had to come up with an alternative plan. Because I know the town of Estes and the park well, it was easy to find a place for their short ceremony with just two weeks lead time. It was breezy and cold, someone – not saying who – dropped the rings in the grass.. but none of that mattered! The vows they spoke to one another had all six of our eyes damp! More than damp, honestly. One of my favorite images of the whole day is of Stuart’s face, with tears rolling down. It’s cliche, but I love this mushy stuff!

Elopement Portraits in Rocky Mountain National Park

After the ceremony was done, the tears dried and the noses blown, we headed into the national park on Estes Park’s doorstep. This being the most visited national park in Colorado, we picked a weekday date to avoid the crowds. At our very first stop in the park, the newlyweds were able to watch a huge 100-head herd of elk striding across a meadow. We continued exploring in the mountains and found the windiest spot in the state! It was a miniature hurricane, but with epic mountain views. They popped champagne, drank from the bottle, and continued romancing and dancing with each other until the sun set. Congratulations you two!

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  1. What an absolute visual treat to see the love and glow these two shared on their special day. I love it!

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