Casa Bonita Wedding Photos

Casa Bonita Wedding Photos

Casa Bonita wedding photos might not be for everyone.. but they are for Bonnie and Mike! Have you always dreamed of a tropical destination wedding, but without leaving Denver, Colorado? Do you want mediocre Mexican food, on-demand sopapillas, and wildly mixed aesthetics all while being surrounded by screaming children, squishy carpet, and live shows that leave the senses tingling for.. less?  Well, let me introduce you to the most unique wedding shoot I’ve had the pleasure of shooting, right on Colfax! Casa Bonita, the iconic Denver restaurant often called The World’s Weirdest Restaurant, takes a certain penchant for kitsch and a sense of humor to fully enjoy it’s unique ambiance.

Ask yourself this..

What looks better with a dramatic bridal shot than a wet floor sign? What sets off a dashing blue suit more than an indoor tropical bridge and a stack of dirty dishes? What romantic portrait is complete without an underpaid man, cliff diving in a slapstick manner into the strangely green pool below you? Isn’t the perfect accessory a drip of nacho cheese on the lace of your dress? What better lighting is there than the strange red hue near the “Mayan” tunnel to the bathrooms?  Where could you go for Italian-looking tile roofs and scrolled balconies, yet with the humidity of an equatorial rainforest? Why not eat dinner in a mine shaft next to a strange, snoring animatronic miner? Where could you get married that would be one of the darkest, most difficult rooms to shoot in in all of Colorado? Truly, if you have not yet asked yourselves these questions, are you even wedding planning?

Their Colorful Casa Bonita Wedding Photos

Feast your eyes on this imaginative take on Casa Bonita’s dark interior, and the effervescent couple that is Bonnie & Mike, who had the idea of shooting their wedding portraits here for their anniversary. All jokes aside, I haven’t had so much fun in years as we explored the space and survived Black Bart’s Cave without peeing ourselves (barely.) I was obsessed with the strange lighting and fun colors splattered all over the place and was determined to make the most of our time there. Do you have a crazy cool location you want to shoot in? Let me know your vision, and we will make it happen! 

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