You may be wondering where to elope? When you choose to elope, either just the 2 of you, with your dog, or with an intimate gathering of your Best Peeps: your location options tend to open up. One of my favorite things is to connect couples with a location that feels like the right adventure for them. This could mean exploring a new place together, or visiting a favorite location that you already love. It can be a n y t h i n g – it doesn’t have to be a long hike to be special or beautiful. Check out my helpful guides and maps below for inspiration and information on where to elope.

About these Guides

Each one of my elopement guides below has information and color photos you need to begin planning your elopement. I’ve been there and I’ve researched all the permit rules. Use these as a starting point to plan your elopement, and get in touch with me to go deeper. So, these planning tools are key if you’re interested in eloping in the wild, but have never been there. I’ve spent hours researching and scouting every spot so you don’t have to.

A preview of my interactive elopement guide maps.

A note about hiking elopements.

Two brides with windblown dresses share a kiss on top of a mountain in Colorado. The brides hiked for ten minutes to get to this vista.
The brides hiked for ten minutes to get to this view.

Eloping is for EVERYONE.

You don’t have to be an outdoorsy person, or an extreme backpacker to have an incredible elopement day in the great outdoors. Most of my adventure elopement photography takes place on elopements with hikes less than 4 miles in length, many even with a mile or less. I’ve also got some incredible locations for those with special accessibility needs such as wheelchairs.

You don’t have to hike to have an incredible elopement experience.

Where to Elope in Colorado

With 4 National Parks, 8 National Monuments and 11 National Forests in Colorado, few states have more opportunity for epic vistas and mountain immersion than Colorado. I’ve been all over and am constantly exploring new areas. Check out my 13 Colorado location guides, and inquire to make each map interactive & start dreaming of your Colorado elopement.

The Ultimate Colorado Elopement Guide

See my map and guide on where to elope in Colorado. This ultimate guide has pointers on the where, when, and how to elope in Colorado. Color photos and a master map of sub-regions within this vast state are included.

The painted wall at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park in colorado

Black Canyon of The Gunnison National Park Elopement Guide

See my map and guide for Black Canyon National Park and surrounding areas. This secluded national park is the deepest canyon on the continent, and includes a river and camping.

A view of the mountain peaks from Rocky Mountain National Park's trail ridge road.

Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement Guide

See my map and guide on where to elope in Rocky Mountain National Park. Between Estes Park and Grand Lake, there are 11 ceremony sites in this iconic gem.

An elopement location at Great Sand Dunes national park in Alamosa, Colorado.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

See my map and guide on where to elope in and around Great Sand Dunes National Park. The dunes are a unique spot to elope surrounded by mountains.

An Elopement location on a cliff above Colorado National Monument.

Colorado National Monument Elopement Guide

See my map and guide on where to elope in and around Colorado National Monument and Grand Junction. The area looks like Utah and includes arches, spires, and caves!

Crested Butte Elopement Guide

See my map and guide on where to elope in Crested Butte, Colorado. This quiet town is a hidden gem of trails, wildflowers and aspen groves with mountains galore.

A large waterfall in telluride, Colorado.

Telluride Elopement Guide

See my map and guide on where to elope in Telluride. This area is known for waterfalls, world class hiking, jeeping and epic mountain vistas.


An amazing elopement location in Ouray, Colorado, with mountains and flowers.

Ouray Elopement Guide

See my map and guide on where to elope in Ouray and the San Juan mountains of Colorado. This area is amazing for jeeping, hiking, and big views.

Aspen, Colorado Elopement Guide

See my guide on where to elope in Aspen, CO and surrounding areas. Known for fall colors, gondolas, world class hikes, lakes, and panoramic mountain views.

An elopement location on Mt Evans in Colorado.

Mt. Evans Elopement Guide

See my map and guide for Mt. Evans and surrounding areas. This 14,265ft mountain has easy access, amazing views, and alpine wildlife and adventure.

Lake isabelle elopement location in Boulder County, Colorado.

Boulder, Colorado Elopement Guide

See my map and guide on where to elope in Boulder, CO and surrounding areas. Alpine lakes and the flatirons are accessible for any skill level.

Summit County Elopement Guide

See my map and guide on where to elope in Breckenridge, Dillon, Silverthorne, Vail and more. This area is only 1 to 2 hours from Denver, so if you want Colorado mountain peaks, wildflowers, hiking & lakes, look no further!

Winter at a garden of the gods elopement location.

Garden of the Gods Elopement Guide

See my map and guide on where to elope at the permit-free Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs. These iconic rock formations are incredible in every season.

Sunrise at the maroon bells, Colorado in fall

Maroon Bells Elopement Guide

Everything you need to know for booking your elopement at the Maroon Bells Amphitheater. The huge peaks are accessible from summer to early fall and feature a lake.

Where to Elope in Hawaii Locations

The Hawaiian Islands are well known as paradise. Boasting 2 National parks and some of the most beautiful state parks in the country, there are epicly stunning locations to elope in Hawaii. I’ve been to Hawaii, Maui & Kauai and have dedicated 3 guides to help you elope on these incredible tropical islands. Inquire to make each map interactive & start dreaming of your Hawaii elopement.

Respecting Hawaii

I’ve taken Hawaii’s #PonoPledge out of respect for the islands, their people and culture. This goes beyond the norm of Leave No Trace, and it’s so important. Consider taking the pledge when traveling to Hawaii.

A map of all the elopement locations in Hawaii including Maui, Kauai and Hawaii.
Check out my other guides to Kauai and Maui & Lanai!

The Ultimate Hawaii Elopement Guide

Can’t decide which Hawaiian island is for you? Check out my map and guide on where to elope in Hawaii. This ultimate guide breaks down the pros and cons of eloping on each island: Oahu, Maui, Big Island and Kauai. Pointers on the where, when, and how to elope in Hawaii are included, with an overview of permit rules, color photos and a master map of the islands are included.

Kauai Elopement Guide

See my map and guide for eloping on the Garden Isle: Kauai, Hawaii. This tropical gem of an island is a special paradise for hikers and beachgoers alike.

Maui, Hawaii & Haleakala Elopements

See my map and guide for eloping at Haleakala National Park in Maui, Hawaii. Both the Summit district and coastal Kipahulu district are featured, as well as sites outside the park, sample timelines, a budget breakdown and more.

Big Island & Hawaii Volcanoes Elopement Guide

My map and guide for eloping on the Big Island of Hawaii. In this guide I highlight the locations inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and the beaches & rainforests of the Kona & Hilo sides.

Based in the West

I live nomadically on the road in a 38′ 5th wheel camper. Everything is always breaking and it looks like the 90s in here. Every year I travel across the USA shooting amazing elopements along the way. The desert is my winter home. Routinely servicing Utah, California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and more!

Where to Elope in Arizona Locations

You’re absolutely spoiled for choice when you choose to elope in the desert southwest state of Arizona. As well as being the perfect option for staying warm while eloping in winter months, the diversity of these landscapes is unmatched! Definitely plan to elope on a weekday in the desert southwest.

Ultimate Arizona Elopement Guide

See my map and guide for eloping everywhere in Arizona, from Horseshoe bend to Sedona and beyond!

Sedona, Arizona

A desert town with mystical vortexes, epic red sandstone mountains, caves, fresh rivers, and the perfect climate. Hiking, off road jeep tours, hot air balloons, scenic flights and more await you! Click for my custom map and ultimate guide for eloping in Sedona.

Saguaro National Park Elopement Guide

Straddling Tucson, Arizona is the iconic desert landscape of Saguaro. Click for my downloadable map and ultimate guide for eloping in Saguaro National Park – east and west districts.

Grand Canyon Elopement Locations

See my map and guide for eloping on the less visited, but super awesome North rim of the Grand Canyon National Park

Utah Elopement Locations

Utah is a state with no comparison. I personally think it could be the most diverse state of all, with a huge variety of landscapes to delight anyone. The climate in Southern Utah is warm, making it a great winter elopement destination. Parks like Zion, Bryce and Arches are unforgettable and iconic, but there are tons of locations outside of them that offer solitude, rocky mountains, hiking, hot springs, waterfalls, jeeping, and lakes. Northern Utah is a fantastic choice for a summer elopement and the opportunities for adventure are endless!

Utah Elopement Locations – Master Guide

Check out my map and guide on where to elope in Utah. This ultimate guide goes over the 5 national parks, many state parks and national forests. From the high Uintas wilderness in the northwest, to the hot springs and waterfalls of the central mountains, the salt flats and red rock deserts that Utah is known for. You will find your perfect spot in Utah!

Zion National Park Elopement Guide

Springdale, southern Utah is the access point for this popular and dramatic desert canyon. See my map and guide on where to elope in Zion.

Moab Elopement Guide

See my guide and downloadable map to the 3 parks that make up the Moab area: Arches National Park, Canyonlands, and Dead Horse Point State Park.

Bryce Canyon National Park Elopement Guide

In Tropic, Utah, this one of a kind canyon is remote, peaceful and like another world. See my custom made map and guide on where to elope in Bryce Canyon.

Snow Canyon State Park Elopement Guide

See my map and guide for eloping in this little-known dramatic desert State Park. There are slot canyons, lava tubes, dunes and petrified rocks. Located in St George, Utah.

The Ultimate List of California Locations

California has so much to offer a couple looking for an epic place to elope. Yosemite is the most well known, but there are so many other incredible locations in this huge state. From the western coast, to the desert south, the Sierras in the middle, and the redwoods to the north, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for in California.

Point Dume elopement location on the southern California coast with sparkling teal water and colorful cliffs.

The Ultimate California Elopement Locations Guide

Check out my map and guide on where to elope in California. Boasting 9 National Parks (the most of any state!), there are so many incredible locations to elope in California that I had to make a master guide. The map has almost 100 pins of locations with big views, easy access, dramatic hikes or unique landscapes. This guide also covers San Francisco & the golden gate bridge, San Diego, Mammoth Lakes, Mono Lake, Big Sur, and so many more!

A stunning sunset at valley view in Yosemite by Yosemite national park photographer Lucy Schultz.

Yosemite National Park Elopement Guide

See my downloadable map and guide for Yosemite’s best elopement locations. Epic hikes and unmatched mountains put this park high on everyone’s list. California.

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park Elopement Guide

See my map and guide for eloping in Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park.

Mono Lake Elopement Guide

See my guide to the incredibly unique saltwater lake in eastern California.

Death valley national park on a blue sky day. There are lots of elopement locations in the desert mountains and canyons.

Death Valley National Park Elopement Guide

On the California/Nevada border is the largest National Park in the lower 48: Death Valley. A geologists’ dream elopement location. See my map and guide for eloping here.

Mammoth Lakes Elopement Guide

See my map guide to the hiker’s paradise on the east side of California’s high Sierras.

Joshua Tree National Park Elopement Guide

Palm Springs, California. Click to see my map and guide for eloping in Joshua Tree. Iconic Yucca trees typify this unique desert.

More Desert Southwest Elopement Locations

White Sands National Park & New Mexico Elopement Guide

One of my favorites: White Sands National Park near Las Cruces is the best location if you want sand dunes. This map and guide includes lots of other amazing New Mexico locations.

Valley of Fire Elopement Guide

This state park is located just 1 hour from Las Vegas, Nevada. While the designated ceremony locations require pre-planning, don’t overlook Valley of Fire.

So, what if you scrap the wedding?

You know you don’t want the ballroom, the center of attention nerves, the judging relatives, the poofy traditions that just don’t feel right to you. So when you leave all of that behind, it can feel like you’re staring at a blank page.

That’s where I come in. I help couples uncover a blueprint of their dream elopement. Then we make it real! The where, the how, the what and even who to hire– is included. Get started with these location guides and see what calls to you!

Destination Elopement Locations

If you want to get married on your honeymoon, planning couldn’t be easier! Select an international elopement location that makes you excited and will check something off your bucket list. These destinations are by no means comprehensive. These are the locations I’ve already been to – but Alaska, Japan, Scotland, Greece and Kenya are at the top of my bucket list. What’s on yours?

Hooker lake at the foot of Mt. Cook is filled with small icebergs.

New Zealand Elopement Guide

My trip to New Zealand was one of the defining moments of my life. See my guide to eloping on the north and south islands of New Zealand.

An underwater image showing tropical fish beneath the surface of the ocean with the island of Moorea in the background.

Tahiti Elopement Guide

If you want tropical, look no further than the incredible islands of Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora located in the south pacific.

Bali Elopement Guide

See my map and location guide to eloping on the fantastical tropical island of Bali, Indonesia.

Riviera Maya, Mexico Elopement Guide

See my map and tips for eloping in tropical Riviera Maya, Mexico. Includes the expansive white sand beaches, the island of Cozumel, and the Cenotes & Jungles.

Costa Rica Elopement Guide

See my map and elopement location guide to eloping in the most biodiverse country in the world: Costa Rica! Waterfalls, beaches, and misty rainforests typify this central american country.

If you don’t know where to elope, please reach out! I love connecting people with an ideal place. So, tell me about your wishes and hesitations, preferences and everything in between. I have a huge directory of custom built maps for every western state, National Park and local gem I’ve ever been to. Because I truly want to share these amazing places with more people! So, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

I love National Parks, so I Leave No Trace.

Lucy standing on a rock in Colorado.

It’s so important to leave the earth better than we found it. I’m prepared and committed to being a steward of the outdoors. Responsibly bringing people into the magical places I’ve found is my favorite thing. I’ve created dozens of detailed maps to connect you with your perfect adventure. Steve Irwin is a personal hero of mine, and I live my life to make him proud.