Aspen Elopement Locations Guide

Lucy’s Guide to the best Aspen Elopement Locations

Have you ever wanted to elope in the mountains, but not known where to start? Enter my Aspen Elopement locations guide – designed to help you find the perfect place to say your vows! Aspen is located in central Colorado in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. A popular year-round destination, there are tons of amazing places to explore in Aspen. Read on to see some of my favorite places with amazing mountain backgrounds that will have you drooling!

Here’s a preview of my Aspen Elopement Locations Map:

Get in touch with me to view this map in high definition. You can zoom in and out, interact, explore, and click on each spot to see photos of each location and relevant info about eloping there.


Seasons in Aspen

Like much of Colorado, fall is an absolutely magical time to visit and elope in Aspen. The quaking aspens turn yellow for just ten days in peak season. The fall has mild daytime temperatures and cold nights. Winters are popular with skiiers and riders and the lifts can take you to some epic overlooks. Springtime is hit or miss with a high chance of snowstorms, rain, or summer’s heat! And June to August are the warmest months in Aspen, where the bright green leaves create a colorful pallette for a summer elopement. See Lucy & Rick’s winter elopement here!

Mountain Elopements

Now, I’m a big fan of hiking – but you don’t HAVE to hike to get to amazing elopement locations in Aspen. There are some you can drive right up to. I know of a few that are ADA accessible. Or just a short, flat walk. Still others are accessed by taking a gondola or lift chair to the top of Aspen mountain, Snowmass, or Buttermilk mountains. This is an easy way to reach the views without breaking a sweat. And lastly, there are a few jeeping and off road locations surrounding Aspen if you’re looking for thrills and seclusion.

Eloping at the Maroon Bells in Aspen, CO

This well known Aspen elopement location is so popular, it deserves its own elopement guide! The Maroon bells are the most photographed peaks in the lower 48. Just to get there, you’ll have to take a reservation-only shuttle. Plus, eloping there requires an advanced reservation of the ceremony site through, and they often sell out. But if you’re desiring these epic peaks in your background, fear not! I’ve got a short list of locations with a similar view of these famous mountain peaks. You just have to know where to go! See Michael and Ryan’s ceremony at the Maroon Bells here!

The area around Aspen is awesome too!

Aspen is a small town at the end of a mountain valley that stretches from Glenwood Springs, through Carbondale, Basalt and Snowmass. The hot springs at Glenwood are a must-visit while you are here! And there’s a large cave that you can get married in, if you’re into that. High mountain passes surround Aspen valley which are home to some of Colorado’s tallest 14’ers. Lakes, rivers, and red-rock walls are just some of the stunning geographic features that make this alleyway one of the most scenic in the state. Truly, the only hard part of eloping in Aspen is choosing where to go!

What to do during your Aspen Elopement

There are tons of great hikes, picnic areas, and places to explore in the Aspen valley. Hiking to an alpine lake is a great way to feel grounded and connected to nature on your day. There are waterfalls if you know where to look, and a mountain coaster for the child-at-heart couple. Did you know that in the winter months, you can even take a dogsled tour in Aspen? Yesssss!! How fun would it be to pound down the trail on a totally new adventure like that? Also – while I’m not a huge fan of the city of Aspen, they do have some KILLER dining options. You can and should eat your heart out! And I’ll send you my recommendations if you’re a foodie!

An Aspen Couple for Inspiration

Ashley and Roland married in fall of 2021 in Aspen, Colorado. See a few highlights of their incredibly colorful marriage day. And if these images have you saying, “I want that!” Then you know where to find me! Keep in mind that no two elopements are the same, and your Aspen elopement day might look totally different! Their first look in front of the bright gold aspen trees was one of my favorite moments. The scenery could not have been more beautiful.

Sample Aspen Elopement Timeline

6:45 Meet up for sunrise first look
7:15 Hike together to viewpoint or alpine lake
7:45 Read letters to each other
10:00 Make breakfast pancakes in campsite or have boujie brunch
11:30 Take a gondola ride
12:30 Hike around the top
2:00 Set up picnic with cookies and champagne
3:00 Cloud gazing and return hike
4:00 Take the alpine coaster down
6:30 Sunset first dance in mountain valley
8:00 Spa massage appointment and pampering


Need more Colorado elopement locations?

I’ve got you covered. And ask me about my front range guide for elopement locations within an hour of Denver!

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