Mt Evans Elopement Photographer

A stunning view of Mount Evans, with green vegetation, sand-colored rocks, blue water and bright sky, as one of the locations you can elope guided by Lucy Schultz Photography.

Mt. Evans Wedding and Elopement Photographer

The first thing I do when anyone visits Colorado is to take them up Mt Evans! As your Mt Evans wedding and elopement photographer, I’ve got all the info for you. This is the highest paved road in all of North America, winding all the way up to 14,265ft. I chose this area for some of my own epic Colorado wedding photos, which is a testament to just how amazing it is. In this guide, I’ll share all my favorite things about the mountain, driving up, permits, and more ideas to make your Mt Evans wedding or elopement fun and stress-free!

Mt. Blue Sky

On March 15, 2022, Clear Creek County officials in Colorado approved a measure to rename the mountain Mt. Blue Sky. The name change comes after many petitioned to rename Mt. Evans to one of several proposed new names. Mt Evans is currently named for the racist shitbag John Evans, who ordered the Sand Creek Massacre and other atrocities while serving as Colorado’s Governor in the late 1800s. (Gross.) You can read more about the name change and the activism behind it here. This name change is yet to be made official and doesn’t change your access to the mountain.

Here my Mt Evans Elopement Locations Map:

This map is like a virtual tour of Mt. Evans with color photos I’ve taken of each place. So you can see all the great spots without leaving your living room. If you’re planning from afar, this is a great visual key to picking out the elopement spot that works for you. Details like what seasons and time of day are best for each location are included. It will help you plan your activities, accommodations, and your day’s itinerary. Lastly, it’s easy to have a great backup location picked out with this map in front of you. Having that Plan B in your back pocket will keep your planning stress-free!

Get the map & start planning your Mt Evans Elopement Photography with me!

Driving up Mt. Evans

The road to your Mt Evans wedding or elopement is a scenic byway, and the speed limit is 20mph for much of the way. So don’t expect to race right up to the summit! You do NOT need 4wd to take this road. In fact, you should take the most compact car you can! The road is narrow, full of potholes, with very steep drop-offs on both sides. Being in a smaller car will make the trip more enjoyable for you. Go slow, take in the views and the wildlife. It’s common for Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goats to stroll along the road. The sheep will even lick your tires if you let them!

Permits and Reservations for Eloping and Photographers on Mt Evans

While this isn’t a national park, you do use your national park pass to get in. As of 2021, you ALSO need a $2 reservation to drive up Mt. Evans. You make this reservation online at On most weekdays, these tickets don’t sell out as fast as the entry tickets to other popular areas like Brainard Lakes and Rocky Mountain National Park. You must arrive in the 2-hour window on your ticket, and then you can stay as long as you like. In the case of weekday elopements, you often do not need a permit to elope here. Though it varies depending on where you decide to elope on Mt Evans, sunrise is usually the best. I’m more than a Mt Evans elopement photographer – I’m your guide, fairy godmother, and evil genius too.

Denver Mountain Parks

Now, here is where it gets complicated. There are three areas within the Mt Evans scenic byway area that technically belong to the City and County of Denver. Denver Mountain Parks manages Echo Lake, Mt. Goliath, and Summit Lake. Special size limits apply & a permit is needed for elopement ceremonies in these areas. If you have a group size of 5 or less, including your photographer, you can stop in these areas for photos after your ceremony without a permit. See Yezi and Daniel’s elopement at Summit Lake for inspiration! If you’re confused, don’t worry! Figuring out where to elope should be fun and I’m here as your Mt Evans elopement photographer and guide to help every step of the way.

When to Have your Mt. Evans Wedding or Elopement

Most of Mt. Evans is open from summer to early fall only. However, there are several locations on the shoulder of the mountain that are lovely even in spring, winter, and fall. The lower road, from Echo Lake to Summit lake, is open usually from June 1 to October 1. The uppermost 5 miles, from Summit Lake to the Summit, are open from mid-June to Labor Day, weather permitting. In June you’ll still find plenty of snow on the ground. However, it can snow in ANY month at the summit, so always be prepared for changing weather. Late July and early August will be the most popular time on the mountain, with wildflowers and possible wildfire haze. Late August and September will bring Scotland vibes as the tundra turns auburn and crimson and the snow will be at its lowest. A Mt Evans wedding and elopement photographer’s dream!

Mt. Goliath Area

The last area still below the treeline at 11,000 feet is Mt. Goliath. It’s part of the Denver botanic gardens. It’s home to curated high alpine gardens, flowers and plants. The most interesting feature of the area is the grove of ancient bristlecone pines. Some of these trees can be many hundreds to 2 THOUSAND years old. The windy and cold climate promotes slow growth of these trees. When there’s fog on the mountain, this forest is pure magic.

Mountain View Elopement at the Summit of Mt. Evans

At the top of Mt. Evans, there’s an observatory, a historic stone building, and a pit toilet. If the view don’t take your breath away, the altitude sure will! At just over 14,000 feet, the air is so thin that you may experience altitude sickness. If you start feeling faint, dizzy, light-headed, short of breath or have a headache, you should descend right away. Three short and rocky switchbacks lead from the parking lot to the true summit. If you are able, you absolutely should hike to see the 360 degree view of the entire front range. If you are not able, there are two ADA accessible areas where a small ceremony can be held. Please do not feed or follow the mountain goats up here, and keep your eyes and ears peeled to see a Pika!

Mt. Evans Elopement Photography Packages

I offer both Mt Evans elopement photography packages, or All inclusive elopements for a one stop shop option. There are no travel fees, download fees, watermarks or other hidden fees. These prices are for 2024.

2 Day elopements at Mt Evans – $8900

1.5 Days of elopement photography – $6900

1 Full day adventure elopement at Mt Evans – $5900

Up to 4 hours elopement at Mt Evans – $5200 **Only available on select dates**

Picnic Areas

Down the mountain and back within the cover of trees, there are more amazing spots! These are great places to gather if you have invited guests. Or get set up with a picnic for two! These places have views of the peak of Mt Evans, pit toilets, shade and scattered picnic tables. There are creeks and waterfalls to explore, scenic views, fire lookouts, hikes, plentiful aspens, off roading trails, wildflower meadows and so much more! These “side dishes” are what makes the Mt Evans area such a great place to Elope. I can’t wait to share all these hidden gems with you.

Planning your Mt Evans Elopement

This is just the starting point to your incredible mountain elopement and Mt Evans wedding experience! If you want to drive right up to a mountain lake, consider eloping on Mt Evans. If you want to summit a mountain at sunrise, pick Mt. Evans. If you want to stay close to the city of Denver and the airport, but still feel like you’re surrounded by nature – try a Mt Evans wedding and elopement. If you want a full day of amazing experiences and even better scenery – just get in my inbox already!

5:45 Arrive at the summit for sunrise
6:00 First look at 14,000 feet
6:30 Coffee thermoses and donuts
7:30 Hike to an overlook
8:00 Private ceremony in front of an epic view
8:30 Hike out
9:30 Return to fire lookout tower for a nap
12:30 Meet up with family for Lunch at a lodge or pack a picnic to a mountain pass
1:00 Toasts
2:00 Explore a waterfall or off road trail

About your Mt Evans Elopement Photographer

I’m a nomadic and colorful Colorado mountain elopement photographer with an obsession for mountains, hiking, and my cats. My photography style emphasizes the epic landscape of your dreams and the authentic moments that make you two.. well, you two! I love my job and my nature-loving clients. Mt. Evans is one of my favorite mountains to explore in Colorado. Maybe I’ll see you there!

I offer half day, full day, 1.5 day and 2 day elopement photography at Mt Evans and the wild lands outside of it. See my pricing and package details here. I would love to chat with you and help see if an elopement with me is what you’ve been dreaming of. Get in touch below!

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