LGBTQ Elopement at a Mansion

Megan & Erika’s Vintage Glam LGBTQ Elopement Photos

Whoa! Check out my most recent collections of colorful LGBTQ elopement photos! This head over heels pair joined their families and friends for an intimate wedding in January. It all went down at a small historic inn that perfectly captured the theme of the celebration. Which sounds easy, until you learn that the theme is, in E&M’s own words, “Vintage hipster holiday decade smash-classic wacky-combo with a dash of queer glam spice.” To say that the space and vibe fit that ideal perfectly is an understatement. I could go on about the delicious details of this elopement. Megan’s family brought dried lavender and holly cuttings from Megan’s childhood home to place in her bouquet. The honeybee invitations and favors were an eclectic touch. Her great grandmother’s-prom-dress-turned wedding dress with the handmade tulle overskirt was perfectly delicate and vintage. Hand knit shawls and their 12 rainbow bridesmaids completed the look.

Their Emotional Wedding Ceremony

The real story is in the sweet vows, poetry and readings, tears on everyone’s faces, and the sound of music and singing. The joining of two lives and two wives in such a tender and personal way is my favorite. Some wedding photos are the expected big moments: a face-grabbing first kiss or a twilight-lit drizzling rain photo. But these intimate LGBTQ elopement photos are so full of the small, in between, quiet moments. The belly laughs, tender touches, family hugs, emotional cake eating because it’s that good you might cry. Or the blink-and-you’ll-miss it moments of yay that make up my most favorite photos. Congratulations E & M and may these images bring you back to the love and joy that was so obvious on your wedding day, and thank you for having me there to cry through it all – er, I mean, photograph it! -Lucy

Venue – The Inn at Hastings Park | Erika’s Suit – 9Tailors
Rings – Etsy | Flowers – Dried and made by the brides
Megan’s Dress – vintage | Invitations by Squeezebox Press

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Special Thanks to..

– Katie, for being a professional wedding crier
– Chantelle, for holding all the things, transportation, support, panera and getting rained on
– Stephen, for lending me his equipment to supplement my destination kit
– Bethany, for insisting that her sister hire me
– Jackie, for being an A+ cheerleader of mine for the past decade
– Louisa, for hosting me for my stay
– M&E for allowing me into your lives for a day of pure love like no other

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