How to Write Elopement Vows

An emotional vow reading at a mountain elopement.

How to Write Elopement Vows Guide

Knowing how to write your elopement vows can be tricky when you start with a blank page in front of you. Writer’s block is real, y’all! This is soo important! The heart and soul of your marriage is what you say to each other. What promises will you make? What will you say to make your person laugh and their eyes sparkle? How will you show your deep commitment to each other and the joy you share? Overwhelmed yet? Don’t be! Below are 16 great elopement vow writing prompts to get you started. Let’s dive in.

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Vow Writing Prompts

These prompts are just some of the ideas you can try. You don’t have to use them all! Even trying 2 to 5 of these will give you a great foundation of vows. Then you can add in a good dose of your personal weirdness. Your vows should be as unique as the two of you! Share this guide with your partner, crack open a favorite beverage, and make a date night of it if you like!

  • Start by making them laugh. Begin with their silliest nickname. Tell them that at first, you thought their hair looked kinda dumb. But now, you love it! (This isn’t a roast, so go easy). Tell them how out-of-your-league they are! Say what was going through your mind when you met, or on your first date. On my first date with my husband, I was thinking “Oh my GAWSH Lucy, DO NOT SCREW THIS UP!”
  • Compliment them. There are probably many qualities about your partner that you admire, so name some of them. “You are steadfast and peaceful. You are the funniest human I’ve ever met. You’re smart, dorky, adventurous, and kind. I like the way you..”
  • What do they do that makes you feel loved? Do they buy that cheese that you like, even though they hate it? Do they bring you coffee at work? Carry the bear canister? Plan surprise nerf gun fights in the house?

Getting Mushy

If there was ever a time to get mushy, this is it! If you get emotional while reading your vows – that’s a good thing! Show your heart. Lay it alllllll out. Only your partner will hear you, and your words will echo in their heart every time they think back on your elopement day. That’s powerful.

  • Don’t miss out on a chance to say the words, “I love you” when writing your elopement vows. These three words can mean so much. Start or end your vows with this! Or finish the sentence “I love it when you…”
  • I loved you when.. Write about the moment you knew you wanted to marry them. The time it switched from ‘like’ to ‘love’. That lightbulb moment.
  • Tell them how they make you feel. Do they drive you to be your best self? Encourage you, make you smile when you’ve had the worst day ever? How have they changed your life?

Faith, Family & Pets

Your vows can include more than just the two of you. All your life experiences and close relationships have led you to this point. Your elopement vows don’t have to read like a speech, but rather pillow talk when you’ve turned out the light before bed.

  • Do your spouse love your pet? Perhaps more importantly, does your pet love your partner? Write about how your heart explodes when they interact.
  • If you share a faith, write about what your beliefs in your marriage mean for the two of you. Is this meant to be? Was it divine that you met? Has your partner deepened your faith in powerful and earth-moving ways?
  • Family. Did your partner integrate seamlessly into your family? Do they love your mom, or treat your sibling like a brother? If you have children or step-children present, include them. Perhaps you are missing someone close to you who passed away. Wouldn’t they have loved the person you chose to marry? I’m not crying, you’re crying.

More elopement vow writing ideas

  • Feel free to include a line from a song – especially if it’s your song. Instant romance!
  • Try some fill in the blanks prompts! I ____ you. You are _____. What we have is ______. You are my _________. I ADORE you. You are extraordinary. What we have is magic. You are my favorite.
  • Name a time when they went above and beyond for you. Or when you were at your lowest, and they picked you up. Was there a turning point in your life when you realized you couldn’t live without them?
  • Be funny! Tell them you will love them even when they are hangry, or when they toot on the couch during netflix marathons. Adding a bit of humor can help you get through the tear-jerking parts. Include a reference from your favorite movie or show. Give the Vulcan salute and say “May we live long and prosper.” Be weird!

Write about the future in your vows

When thinking about how to write your elopement vows, the one thing that’s very central is what you choose to promise one another. Some couples choose to write the same promises to one another, others go freestyle! So have a conversation about what you both want to include.

For example, my husband and I promised to apologize to one another and to speak kindly about each other to everyone we know. Your vows can be anything you want. Loyalty and faithfulness are popular places to start.

  • Write about how you want to treat each other, show up for each other, and love on each other. Kisses on the forehead before bed? Yes please!
  • Speak about what you imagine your life to be like with them next year; in 20 years, in 70 years. What does your future hold? Are you homesteading? Backpacking? Adopting children? How many dogs and cats can your future house hold?
  • You may include a poem, a quote that speaks to you, or something you say to each other often. Do you have a phrase or an in-joke between you two? It belongs in your vows.

How you write your elopement vows matters

Whether you crave tearful elopement photos, or are just so excited to pour your heart out to your best friend – your words have power. You could be standing in the pouring rain and hearing the most tender words spoken by your person. Or on the rocky cliff of a stunning canyon and feeling your heart soar over the edge. An elopement is truly all about your marriage at the end of the day, and your vows are the meat & potatoes of the whole shebang. So take some time to think about your promises and your words, and start writing!


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