Guanella Pass Engagement Photos


Kiah & Nate’s Guanella Pass Engagement Photos

Sometimes everything falls into place for the perfect Guanella Pass engagement photos – and this is that time! The peak fall colors washed over this mountain pass right on time. It created a gold and orange background for Kiah & Nate’s engagement photos. Kiah wore a stunning blue dress with a slit which contrasted her pink tourmaline engagement ring. It can be a bit weird being photographed for the first time, especially as you show affection. But these two felt like old friends and they embraced my goofy posing style right away! (SHOW THAT LEG, KIAH!!) They were soon giggling and sneaking kisses all over the aspen grove.

Sunset, Fall & Mountain Engagement Photos

We were having so much fun, we had to rush up the mountain to catch the sunset at the top of the pass, so I may have driven a little fast (Don’t tell my mom). It paid off-  the alpenglow on the peak of Mt. Bierstadt is an unforgettable sight and an  incredible backdrop for Guanella Pass engagement photos. We absolutely milked it – staying up at the summit to create a colorful tiny planet, cozy sunset cuddles, and a few night portraits as sky changed through every shade of orange, pink, purple and twilight blue. When moon came out and the temps dropped below comfortable numbers, we finally called it a night – but I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. Congratulations Kiah & Nate, and hold on to your seats for this beautiful set of mountain engagement photos. 

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