Great Sand Dunes Vow Renewal

A groom lifts his bride wearing hiking boots at the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado.

Great Sand Dunes Vow Renewal

There’s nothing quite like exploring a new place with old friends! Kerry and Rob made me their Great Sand Dunes vow renewal photographer for their sweet vow renewal this month. My first trip to the Great Sand Dunes National Park was such a hit, I’m itching to go back already! Kerry wore a lightweight linen white dress and came prepared with hiking boots and gold accessories. Rob contrasted her in a semi formal navy button down and khakis to keep comfortable in the hot sand. I never have to tell these two to do anything, because they naturally love on each other and dissolve into laughter pretty quickly!

National Park Vow Renewal

Kerry and I have been friends for over 18 years, but the last time I photographed her and her dreamboat husband Rob was on the other side of the world in tropical Bali. For their vow renewal, they wanted something completely different. These dunes – the tallest in North America – were the perfect unique backdrop for their fun loving selves. They kept their vows simple and sweet while standing in a spot they chose on the dunefield. That way they could focus on having as much fun together as possible! And for them that meant playing with their shadows and sharing a swing dance in the sand. After all, they met swing dancing! So, how long have they been married? Long enough for Rob to forget that he even HAD an engraving on the inside of his wedding ring that I noticed when taking a photo of their rings in the wavy sands..

Nearby Waterfall

This pair of adventurers squeezed every drop of awesomeness into their vow renewal day. We hiked all the way up the tallest dunes so we could look out over the vast desert. The view was well worth the effort to climb the steep slopes, and Rob even gave Kerry a piggyback ride at the very top. After the dunes, we braved the rough road to a nearby waterfall. Then we put on our waterproof sandals and walked straight up the river into a dark slot canyon. The water was SO cold, I would have given anything to be back on the burning dunes! To our surprise there was still an ice wall next to the falls even in mid-May. I loved the mix of light beams and dark shadows in the canyon that contrasted the bright, open views at the dunes. Congratulations K&R!

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