Fall Boettcher Mansion Wedding Photos

Keith & Brittany’s Fall Boettcher Mansion Wedding Photos

B&K’s fall Boettcher Mansion wedding photos are here in their full glory! There is so much more to a wedding than pretty light. I’m talking about singing Karaoke with your girls in your panda onesie because it is your wedding day! I’m talking about putting dice AND hops on your bouttonniere. Playing board games over beers with your mates while looking dapper AF. Brittany and Keith‘s first look stands out to me as one of the most important moments of the day. I always tell couples to ignore the cameras, forget about prompts or poses or anything EXCEPT what you’re feeling in that moment for the first look. These sweethearts embraced it fully and Keith had the biggest grin on his face when he turned around to see her – and then he reached up to wipe her tears, which were already flowin’. The emotions and energy continued throughout the day.

The Perfect Colorado Fall Day

We happened to have a perfect 60 degree fall day for their October wedding. Incredible waves of golden light came out to play with for the couples’ romantic wedding portraits. One of the biggest reasons Denver couples choose the Boettcher mansion is the amazing landscape views that are so close by. There was even some fall color in the parking lot that we took advantage of. Without the ugly asphalt of course! It was soon time for their wedding ceremony on the back patio under the market lights. Definitely a challenge here as the early darkness closed in on them. I really don’t think the couple noticed AT ALL, because they were so focused on, y’know, their vows! I think one of my favorite images of the day is Brittany double-fisting tissues into her eyes immediately after the ceremony.

Make It Personal

I often ask prospective couples how they plan to personalize their wedding day. Because I think it’s important! I think a wedding is an expression of who you love, and how much, and that is deeply personal. Show your self. And these two exemplified that with all the personal touches at their wedding. There board games available during the reception – very on brand. They even devised their own escape room style table game for guests to solve. How cool is that!? Clumps of green hops trailed down from the ceiling in the Boettcher Mansion‘s fireside room reception, and empty kegs became centerpieces on all the tables. To play into their twilight wedding theme, they used tiny string lights to light up the kegs from the inside – an idea that was mirrored in the wooden flower bridesmaids’ bouquets which were held inside beer bottles!

To keep from getting weepy during their father-daughter dance, Brittany and her dad devised a plan – if either of them started to get misty, they would whip out some finger guns and pretend to be spies. These two are close, and with all the emotion building throughout the day, by the time they started their dance.. it was 90% finger guns. Keith and his mom traded finger guns for big grins as they swayed together before an EPIC dance party inside. A signature creative night portrait of the couple finished off the night for this perfect twosome. Congratulations B&K, thank you for having me along for the ride! -Lucy

Venue – Boettcher Mansion | DJ – Ken @ Quality Mobile Sound | Cake – Nothing Bundt Cakes | Catering – The Gourmet Kitchen | Flowers – Sola Wood Flowers | Dress – David’s Bridal
Now, usually what happens behind the scenes stays behind the scenes, at least until my end of year recap. But this moment, which seems to happen at every. single. wedding. was so perfectly captured by my second shooter Shea I just had to share it here. Add your own sound effects as my strap catches on some nature and my eyes bug out. LOL! 

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