Premium Lay-Flat Elopement Photography Albums

Elopement photography albums are heirlooms that you can hold in your hands, share with others, and pass down to everyone you love. Imagine telling your children the story of the day you got married with your album across their laps. There’s something so special about holding one in your hand and reliving all the best moments of your day. Additionally, those who were not able to join you at the elopement can re live the day through the book.

Cover Options for Elopement Photo Albums

These are the cover fabrics you may choose for your elopement album. Embossing text and photo-covers are also common options. When choosing your album fabric, think about something that represents you as a couple. It may be tied into your colors, the landscape of your elopement, or just be something timeless. After your elopement day, which is sure to be the best of your life so far, you’ll get to hold the experience in your hands – and that’s pretty awesome.


You may pick from any of these four colors of elopement album boxes:

Lucy Schultz Photography wedding album sizes
Square albums are the most popular, but rectangular sizes are available upon request.

Sample Elopement Photography Albums

Use these albums as inspiration for design styles you might like. But remember, your elopement -and your elopement album- will be totally different from anyone else’s. All albums are beautifully custom designed, with thick, lay-flat pages. Unlike a book, there is no center cut, only a light crease in the middle. The image flows from the left edge of the book across the center of both pages all the way to the right edge. This is called a ‘spread’. A 12×12 Album with 20 spreads starts at $900 and includes about 60-80 of your favorite images.

10 x 10 Photography Album, 10 Spreads, Photo Window Cover

8 x 8 Elopement Photography Album, 10 Spreads, Photo + Fabric Cover


12 x 12 Album, 20 Spreads, Photo Window + Leather Cover With Embossing

12 x 12 Album, 20 Spreads, Photo + Fabric Cover

10 x 10 Photography Album, 10 Spreads with Fabric Cover

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