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KR’s Colorado Mountain Boudoir Photos

Colorado mountain boudoir photos are unlike any other. Wild Boudoir sessions could be my absolute favorite to shoot. It’s extremely fulfilling for me to deliver sensual, tasteful, empowering images to my clients. Pairing gorgeous people with mountains, nature, and inspiring scenery creates a natural magic. Your body is to be celebrated, and out in nature is the place to do it! Now, being nude in 40 degrees of fog and light rain on a mountain isn’t for everyone. It was so dang cold! The bravest client of this year award goes to.. KR for this April mountain boudoir session! See more boudoir sessions and pricing here.

This beautiful little patch of yellow flowers made the perfect burst of spring color.

These are some of my favorite boudoir images of all time. 

Boudoir sessions are for everyone- no matter what size, age, shape, orientation or gender identity. 

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