A couple hikes to their elopement spot in the colorado mountains.

Breckenridge Hiking Elopement Photos


Breckenridge Hiking Elopement Photos

Where do I even start with this incredible, heartfelt, carefree, colorful Breckenridge hiking elopement? Probably with our heroes, Carrie and Brook, who are basically the most outdoorsy people you’ll meet. The newly-engaged couple contacted me to snag some epic engagement portraits in May. Then we all know what happened- their planning got mangled in the worldwide pandemic. But they soon realized that an intimate elopement in Colorado was more their speed anyway. We shuffled plans and locations several times until we found an elopement location and plan that included their two dogs (a must!). AND a hike with great views, plus a little bit of cell reception so they could connect with their wider circle of family and friends on zoom. That’s the beauty of elopements- you can find a place to elope in Colorado that is exactly what you always wanted.

The Elopement Day

When the day arrived, they got dressed in the pre dawn light on opposite sides of the old cabins. They did a sweet first look and then, hand in hand, they started hiking up the mountain. As soon as we hit the trail, everything felt just right. “Oh yes.”, they said, “this is what we wanted!” The wildflowers absolutely carpeted the side of the mountain the entire way to the summit. We had to keep stopping to point out the rainbow of colors, with the sweethearts also taking turns naming the distant peaks they’d climbed together. At the top, our jaws dropped at the spectacular valley before us. Carrie and Brook took turns reading out their hand-written love letters to each other. I loved that they got a chance to privately and tearfully speak their hearts to one another, holding hands, with only the mountains as witnesses. Colorado hiking elopements are so freaking cool! We hiked back down together and met up with close family members. Both moms took turns officiating, so the elopement ceremony was perfectly personal.

Not Everything Went to Plan

And yeah, Brook’s boutonniere wouldn’t stay upright. Their kombucha was unfortunately forgotten at home. Champagne got all over Brook. I tripped backwards, flailing over a tree stump for 15 seconds, and landed on my back. My cameras hit me in the face. But their families were all so sweet and checked in on me to make sure all my teeth were intact (they were.) They even gave me my own hand made face mask to match their family group. Now I wear it all the time because it’s the most comfortable one I own! At the very last moment, Carrie’s dog slurped his way to the bottom of her champagne glass. It was a hilarious moment you’ll have to see to believe. If I could redo this day all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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