New Zealand – March 23rd

Continued from March 22nd

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I promised myself that no matter how grey and cloudy it was, I would hike to Lake Matheson for the shred of hope that I could have a worthwhile sunrise experience. This was one of my earliest mornings because I had to drive back along that aforementioned dangerous road in the dark. Alas, there was nothing good about that sunrise, as the clouds stayed and no views of any mountains were had. Perhaps my most disappointing moment on the whole trip was not getting to see that reflection. I drove south, pausing many times at vistas and short walks to Thunder Creek falls and The Blue Pools. A lovely but fly infested dune walk was my first stop, with driftwood and these peculiar pebbles in hollowed out hutches on the beach rocks.  

Thunder Creek falls and nature details surrounding the Blue Pools walk.

The Blue Pools, where a river named the Blue River pools, and the pools are.. very blue.

At a campsite on lake Wanaka, it was very windy, and though the dark blue water was beautiful, I felt like I’d exhausted the photo opportunities in just a short walk around. 

I pushed on to the town of Wanaka, passing lake Hawea on my left and this view (7 image panoramic stitch)! I was cursing myself for having just one night in the region- it is awesomely beautiful.

Lone Tree in Wanaka is one of the most photographed trees in the world. It stands several meters out into the lake, and I was really looking forward to its reflection.. except the lake level that week was so low that there was no reflection. Take that, circumstances, I will make a composition out of you anyway!

 I found plenty to photograph on the beach besides the tree as late afternoon light touched the poplar stands by the side of the lake, the forested islands, blue waters and  mountains in every direction.

I made the decision to drive back to Hawea for sunset and camp there overnight, and I’m so glad I did. Sunset onto the mountain face was epic, and the whole sky turned pink and the hills glowed orange.

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New Zealand – March 22

Continued from March 21st.

Saturday, March 22

Got up a little too late for sunrise at pancake rocks in Punakaiki, but the early light was lovely anyway, and it was nice to have peacefulness at the site where before had been swarms of jabbering tourists.

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Below left you can see the Blowhole erupting with a spray of sea water from below.

I drove south for a while, and as soon as I did a deep fog/cloud settled over the landscape. I drove by a fantastically bright blue river.. and then turned around and went back to photograph it. What started out as ‘I will just get out and take a photo’ turned into almost an hour of going down a scree rock slope to explore the grey and white stone beach, with fog smothered mountains in the background of the fast flowing blue river.  

There were a ton of interesting looking rocks. Black with white streaks all over them, calico ones, dark green stones, and cross hatched grey. I needed to go out into the river for a foreground, so my shoes came off and the flies swooped in, making the ice cold water the better option (VS getting chewed to the bone by sandflies).

During my climb back up the rock wall to the road, I found what I think could be my favorite flower. It is orange, and I have no idea what kind it is, or even if it is a native species or a roadside weed.

I stopped in at Franz Josef glacier and took two short walks to see it. The first walk’s info sign boasted “spectacular glacier views!” (below) but was apparently from 2008 or before, when you could actually see the glacier from the viewing platform. In the last six years the glacier has been reduced so dramatically that the total walking time to the glacier has almost doubled (and you can no longer see it from most paths.)

The best part about the walk to the glacier was the carved valley floor, and the  abundance of wild waterfalls coming in on every side, the gorge walls hidden by low cloud, and the riverbed rocks strangely tinted bright red. Eventually I saw the actual glacier and to be completely frank it was super ugly.

After a drive and a 40 minute hike to Lake Matheson, one of my most important must-sees, the cloud cover was still so bad that I couldn’t see the majestic Mt. Cook in the perfect mirror reflection that the kettle lake is famous for. I then drove a further 16 kilometers down a road so narrow, so steep, so twisty, that there is a road sign at the start that says “WARNING DANGEROUS ROAD.. NEXT 12 KM” (which is saying something because that’s how I would have described most roads in NZ). After those 12, there is a sign that is huge and orange that just says “!”. In the wild bush near the campsite, I got to see two live possums, a rare treat after seeing hundreds of roadkilled ones and roadkill possum jewelry at gift stores. (Picture a pendant of a flattened possum with tire treads on it. Sweet as.)  And then in the darkness.. live SHEEP in the road, but alas, no kiwis were spotted though I was in prime kiwi country.  I went right to bed as I’d leave camp before dawn the next morning to tackle that road again..

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Chelsea & Andrew’s Engagement Session – Little Falls, NY Wedding Photographer

Chelsea & Andrew’s Engagement session is here and Oh. My. Gosh!! It’s insanely pretty and romantic. Chelsea had picked out spots around her family’s farm and on the trails behind Andrew’s house, and I came with a ton of ideas too. I don’t need to tell you how gorgeous and in love they are- just scroll down and see for yourself!! Now I can’t wait for their August 2015 wedding!

Be sure to check out the Weddings page for pricing & package details.

Inquiries: / 978 595 2287


When Chelsea saw her photos, she had this to say about me: (Direct quote) “OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love them!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! You got them done so fast!!!!!! I’m so so so happy we found you!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3″

These are two good looking people who look even better together! 

It was so fun and meaningful to shoot outside the house Chelsea grew up in. And did I mention that she is insanely beautiful?!

Quick change and to the swings at Andrew’s house, where he likes to push her so high on the swings that his feet don’t touch the ground..

Walking around the trails behind Andrew’s house, absolutely everything was pretty- the orchard, dock, lake reflection, woods trails.. oh, and the people.

We had to include some shots of them on the four wheeler and motorcycle that they ride together. The sunset light was just perfect! 

Ryan’s Newborn and Family Session – Albany, NY Family Portrait Photographer

And the Cutest Family Of The Year award goes to… The Duryeas! Warning, this blog post is FULL of adorable family moments!! They welcomed baby Ryan just ten days before their session, and already two year old big sister June is so gentle and sweet on the baby- you can tell they are going to be close. We had perfect weather and started outside in this great little backyard spot.

Family & Newborn Portraits: $250 with DVD / $205 with Prints / $175 Session only or 978 595 2287 to book.

After seeing her photos, Mrs Duryea sent me this awesome testimonial. “These are beautiful, adorable, sweet.. they are all so amazing. I cannot stop looking at them. I love how they are all so natural and the ones of June really capture her personality! I was so so impressed at how you interacted with June–and Ryan of course. I can’t believe how fast you got us these too.  You were so easy and fun to work with. I am super impressed and I will be recommending you to all our friends!” – Mary

At this point in the session I thought it couldn’t get any better- and then Dad cradled Ryan in his arms  with Mary & June walking in the background! Love June’s surprised face as well as I was playing peekaboo around a tree.

We stepped inside and while Mom changed her shirt (Definitely had nothing to do with Ryan… nope) I got a tour of June’s big girl room! 

These tender moments with Mom & Dad just melt my heart!

(Below left) June became my assistant when she offered to hold my reflector for me.. little did she know she was the subject too! And she is just too cute with that hat!