Adrian’s 1 year Portraits

Love this family! I first met Adrian when he was just a bun in the oven, and now he is a toddling, barking, playful and beautiful young man of one year! WARNING, extreme cuteness ahead! When Melanie saw the photos of her boys, she said “AMAZING!!! You are the freaking bomb!!! We love working with you and getting all of the perfect pictures.”

Family Portraits – $175 during winter (December – April.) or 978 595 2287 to book.

The delightful innocence of childhood

Awesome big brother and crazy-guy Julian is my BFF. He even invited me to stay over for a slumber party! 

We even popped outside and threw leaves together! 

What could be better than brothers laughing together?

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Jermain & Tom – The Mansion Inn Wedding Photographer

A light drizzle at the Mansion Inn did not stop Jermain & Tom’s fall wedding from being totally awesome!! Jermain and Tom were so kind and clearly in love- and it didn’t hurt that they were outrageously good looking! The Mansion was the first wedding venue I ever worked at in upstate NY- shooting there was greatly anticipated, and Lori & her staff make every wedding feel effortless! These photos were taken as second camera for Stephen Whiting of Rob Spring Photography. 

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Wow, Jermain!! 

The First look allowed Jermain & Tom to complete all their formal photos before the ceremony so that they could enjoy their whole party, including the cocktail hour! 

More glamour from Jermain and some giggly moments from Cassie the flower girl, two great ringbearers and the groomsmen just before the ceremony! 

Having the entire wedding at the same location meant Jermain & Tom got a ton of photos of everything- cocktail hour, guests, the reception tent, cake, and a few quick romantic night shots just before their grand reception & toasts. 

They cut the cake, danced and then partied! Huge congratulations to you both, thank you for having me capture your best day ever! 

New Zealand – March 31 & Final Recap

Here’s a recap my month long NZ adventure and seven months of blogging that followed! All blog posts can be found here. View the galleries  of available prints here: 

Auckland & Waitakeres Gallery

North Island Gallery

South Island Gallery 

 Photos can be purchased simply by sending me an email Sizing and pricing information is at the top of each gallery. I couldn’t have made this trip without the incredible generosity of my kiwi aunt and uncle and the many others who made donations! If you made a donation, you’ll be hearing from me in the near future about your rewards. 

Continued from March 30th

Sunrise was glorious over lake Pukaki, if not perfectly in line with the peak of Mt. Cook.   

The early light over the grassy hills was almost more dramatic.

I stopped at the shore of Lake Pukaki one more time for some last reflection photos.

I then drove east to the coast, made lunch at a beach with very round stones before driving another 2 hours north to Christchurch.

I had only a few hours in Christchurch before my flight to Auckland, but friend of a friend and Christchurch native Justin very generously showed me around his city streets & parks. “Fillers”  have popped up in the cleared areas where buildings once stood in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquakes, like a cafe made entirely out of wooden pallets. 

I had an uneventful short flight to Auckland, and was welcomed by Maryann, Rod and a wonderful home dinner. The final adventure of my trip, on April 1st, was a solo day trip to Rangitoto, a volcanic island in the Auckland harbor.  Unfortunately, my memory card and all photos from that day have been lost. :(

Wow, you actually read to the end of the blog post! As a reward, I have a special announcement! My next international journey is about to begin- I’ll be in Germany and Austria in late November into December. I’m very excited to be shooting in Europe.. watch this space! :)

New Zealand – March 30th

Continued from March 29th.

Sunrise came so early! I was parked within sight of the shore of Lake Tekapo, and a beautiful pink and blue sunrise came over the mountains on the other side of the lake- the best sunrise so far. The sky turned fire-red. 

You can purchase prints of these images and more from the south island here!

I made a short visit to a famous church in Lake Tekapo, but it was covered in tourists. Next I tried to get the reflections in the Pukaki canal that flows between lakes Tekapo and Pukaki, but the canal road is closed for the year. I made a few other short walks to the lakeshore of Pukaki; it was cloudy and bright so the lake isn’t shining its usual turquiose.

 I hiked to a Kettlehole on a terminal moraine hill of the former Pukaki glacier, with great views of Mt cook over the lake, but the distant clouds prevented a great sunset. 

I found a HEDGEHOG! Hedgehogs are not native to New Zealand, but this one was just mindin’ his own wild hedge business with the best view in NZ. 

Even though I had paid to stay the night in Tekapo, I camped out in the parking lot in the hope of a good sunrise over Lake Pukaki. It was to be my last sunrise in the south island. 

You can purchase prints of these images and more from the south island here!

Katie & Chris – Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding Photographer

 Katie & Chris are the cutest together, I’m so glad I got to share their day with them! I’ve wanted to shoot at the Glen Sanders for so long, and their wedding was super chill and sweet. Congratulations and all the best to you both! Images for Stephen Whiting of Rob Spring Photography.

Be sure to check out the Weddings page for pricing & package details. Inquiries: / 978 595 2287

I started with these Groom Portraits with Chris- we kept cracking up! 

Chris tied all of his groomsmen’s bowties himself, so we had to get a photo of them all adjusting each other’s bowties – hilarious!!  

Chris’s reaction at their First Look was priceless! These two only had eyes for each other the whole day. 

It’s easy to see how incredibly happy they are together. 

More fun with the bridal party!

Since it was raining, the ceremony was inside the beautiful lobby at the Glen Sanders.

Katie & Chris opted for a morning ceremony which meant their guests got this awesome brunch cocktail hour.

Their reception was action packed and beautiful!