Wolfe Pack Family Portraits – Albany, NY Family Portrait Photographer

Wolfe Pack! Siblings, parents, couples, the whole family fun pack! My favorite Wolfe took care of all her family’s holiday gifts by hiring me for one session with her whole family and their SO. Everyone looked great, got awesome photos with their family, and had a fun afternoon! Beautiful light, an awesome backyard, cute couples, crazy faces & photobombs, leaf throwing, tree peeking- what more could a photographer ask for! Thanks everyone!

Family Portraits – $250 with DVD Lucy@LucySchultzPhotography.com   –   978 595 2287

The Wolfe pack photoshoot would not be complete without some of Casey’s Famous Photobombs. 

Graham and Emmalyn – TOO MUCH CUTE!

Casey & Patrick are ridiculadorable. 

Steffen & Beth were not to be outdone- how is everyone so good looking in this family?!

They practice for hours every day on these faces. 

Some families have their own ideas as to what to do during a photoshoot, and it’s awesome!

LOVE these photos of Mom & Dad. 

Even in late fall, we found this gorgeous maple – some of my favorite photos of the whole day were right at the end! 

Rachel & Sam’s Engagement – Capitol Region, NY Wedding Photographer

Being a wedding photographer is the best job, and Rachel & Sam’s family engagement session made me look forward to their May 2015 wedding even more! Their cute-as-pie 2 year old daughter and flowergirl in training, Evangeline, joined us in Washington park for a daytime E-session bursting with love and adorableness! Evi is bouncy, happy and truly a joy- I have to admit she stole my heart and she and I are BFFs. Scroll down to see how your “all purpose photographer” became a playground for her while I was shooting! Oh, and did I mention Rachel and Sam being hilariously fun to work with, and so sweet on each other all day?! Stop reading this and just look at their gorgeous faces!!

 Rachel left me blushing with her compliments when she saw her photos! “The pics came out amazing! They are absolutely adorable. You and your assistant are AWESOME!!!!  Thank you for making it a fun and amazing experience and for being so patient with us and the little one, I know she can be challenging, you did so great!”

Check out the Weddings page for pricing & package details. 

Inquiries: Lucy@LucySchultzPhotography.com/ 978 595 2287

Sometimes we shoot family portraits, and sometimes we throw leaves. 

Rachel and Sam are all about the fun, silly, crazy, chaotic moments we call family. I love happy people!

Now you may have been wondering where Evi was during those awesome romantic moments, and here’s your answer- she was riding me like a horse! Side by side of what Rachel and Sam see.. and what I see! Note- if you are over 3 years of age, pulling Lucy’s ponytail as if it were a horse’s reigns is forbidden. ;)

Stop being so gorgeous, too many great photos! (But really, don’t stop.)

I’m a sucker for this sweet face and she knows it. <3

These two can’t stop giggling around each other! Rachel is so beautiful – can’t get enough of those eyes!

Megan & Mike – Pat’s Barn Wedding Photographer

Megan & Mike’s gorgeous late september wedding post is here and it is a whopper! So many great candid moments, beautiful fall colors and of course, the couple were fabulous and sweet to boot! These photos were taken for Rob Spring Photography. Mike got ready with the groomsmen, his son Justin and the most adorable ring bearer upstairs at Pat’s Barn.

Be sure to check out the Weddings page for pricing & package details. Inquiries: Lucy@LucySchultzPhotography.com / 978 595 2287

Mike is doing handsome right! Love his color choice too :)

This beautiful spot by the creek at Pat’s barn was perfect for their first look. 

Bridal Party Photos! These candid moments are just as special as the photos on the Must list. 

Megan is breathtakingly beautiful and they light up with each other – my favorite!

It was a beautiful day for an outdoor ceremony! What you don’t see is that this beautiful day was almost 90 degrees!

I’m loving this sign for the guests to see during cocktail hour. 

We snuck outside with the lovebirds for a few minutes at sunset- It’s ALWAYS worth it for these gorgeous late light photos. 

Both moms of the couple surprise us all with a crazy dance routine when they entered the reception! They rocked it!

Photographing a couple’s first dance is one of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer! Following Mike & Megan’s dance, Megan danced with their son, Justin, and then with her brother Gary before Mike and his mom hit the floor. 

Congratulations and all the best to you both! 

Brittany & Lee – Barns Of Nipmoose Wedding Photographer

Another gorgeous wedding with a supermodel bride and groom! Though it rained intermittently all day, the grounds and barns at the Historic Barns of Nipmoose was ideal for their scottish heritage themed wedding- every detail was taken care of thanks to wedding coordinator extraordinaire Sarah Bisou and the staff from Mazzone Catering. These photos were taken as second camera for Rob Spring Photography. 

Check out the Weddings page for pricing & package details. Inquiries: Lucy@LucySchultzPhotography.com / 978 595 2287

I swear Lee had more accessories than most brides do! I love the details and the personal style of the kilts & his clan’s tartan.

Their first look was precious – the look of awe and love on Lee’s face is priceless!

 Champagne station ready for guests arriving at the ceremony, officiated by Lee’s grandfather.

 Cocktail hour in the Scottish Barn- Brittany & Lee had so many good looking guests and great food (even a mac & cheese station!), I had so much to shoot!

 These handcrafted jams were the wedding favors from the couple.

 Brittany & Lee’s first dance kicked off a set of emotional dances with their parents as well.

Dykema Family – Troy, NY Family Portrait Photographer

A perfect fall family portrait session! The Dykemas joined me in the beautiful Oakwood Cemetery for their tons-of-fun session with peak fall colors and their two adorable boys. They started in these fun skeleton shirts to amp up the cuteness factor, AND they got great photos in fall sweaters. They threw leaves, got lots of hugs and kisses, picked walnuts, swung kiddos by the arms and had a blast as a family- and now all those memories are preserved for them forever :)    Just scroll down to see all the great moments from their shoot- there are so many!!

Family Portraits – $250 includes DVD 

Lucy@LucySchultzPhotography.com or 989 595 2287 to book- There is still time!!

Big brother James is a tough guy to photograph- always moving and wiggling! 

And then, a miracle! Four happy faces all together!

Baby Evan and stunning mommy-glow Evie in front of fiery fall colors! So much love with these four. 

We stole Mom & Dad away for a moment under this beautiful archway, part of a very old bridge. People don’t believe me when I tell them Cemeteries are great places to shoot- the landscaping is gorgeous and you wouldn’t even know there were gravestones from these photos!

Candid moments are just as important as posed ones. 

Evan was SO happy all day- I love it!!

We tried so hard to get a photo of the brothers together, but it was just too much for one.. (And don’t worry, we got them at the end!)

Just after we’d declared the session “over”, we stranded James & Evan on a large flat monument that was too high to jump off – and they shared an apple together in this precious moment. 

More Evie & Matt love! That’s a wrap, folks!