New Zealand – March 20th

Continued from March 19th

Sunrise on lake Rotoiti was gorgeous. To get the foreground I wanted, I waded in the freezing cold creek and my exposures were so long that it felt like my feet were becoming glacial rock. Shortly after sunrise, my camera reported that there had been an SD card error- I still have not been able to retrieve those sunrise images I suffered for. :(

I drove northwest, through more mountains and valleys and narrow roads, to the north coast of the south island, a national park called Abel Tasman. I stopped at a wool farm/tea shop that wasn’t in a town; just a small local business that also sold Real Fruit Ice Cream, which is a delicious thing. I also stopped at a lookout point and saw many fascinating rocks, with Maori legend claiming that the rocks are scales from an evil Taniwa (spirit) that went there to die after being set on fire by angry villagers because he imprisoned their princess.

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I took a detour down to the Abel Tasman coast for lunch, and it was stunningly gorgeous. Blue skies, white clouds, golden brown sand, bright green turquoise waters. This panorama is 5 horizontal images. 

I left the coastline for an hour’s hike to Wainui falls, the least spectacular waterfall I was to see the whole trip. The walk was lovely, if stiflingly hot.

The rest of my drive was long and uneventful, as I went all the way to the top left corner of the south island to Wharariki beach in Golden Bay. Part of the walk to the beach was through paddocks of sheep, so small stairs had been erected over the fences for humans to use.. it was hard to believe that the sheep were dumb enough to not comprehend stairs. The beach was awesome! Amazing! Beautiful! Shifting dunes, late afternoon light, sand patterns. 

The highlight was the mirror reflections of the famous Archway Islands, giant offshore rocks with arches- one of my must-see places for NZ. There was unlimited photo material, and again I pushed my luck too far and got swamped by waves (yes.. more than once. I don’t learn.) Almost up to my waist sometimes. 

There were caves on the beach and infinite places to explore. The golden light on the arches just before sunset was fantastic.

 Looking towards the sunset garnered these views- I love these clouds!

On the return walk, I saw 25-30 seal pups playing in a tide pool together. They came so close, you could reach out and touch them- but it was best to watch them jump and play in the dusk. Amazing.


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Cayden & Kristien – North Chatham Horse Photographer

Another awesome summer session that turned out to be one of my favorites of the whole year! Cayden is a seven year old handsome horse with a mind of his own, and Kristien is his biggest fan- and the only thing better than the two of them individually is them together!

Pet session – $170 with DVD / $160 with Prints / $115 session only

Kristien took a good slobbering every now and then. 

Kristien told me that Cayden was handsome, but she didn’t mention that she was basically a supermodel! Yowza! 

Kristien changed into a riding outfit and I tagged along as we traversed the trails. I can’t get over how beautiful they are together, from galloping through the field to cuddling in a patch of goldenrod blooms and splashing in the water complex.. all of these are my favorites!

I love my job! 

Katie & Jared – Saratoga Springs, NY Wedding Photographer

Katie and Jared got married last week in downtown Saratoga! I was so happy they called me short notice to be their wedding photographer- we had a great time doing just bridal portraits after their courthouse ceremony. They were a breeze to shoot with- gleeful and sweet on each other the whole time. We stopped at a few of their favorite spots downtown and finished in congress park. They liked me so much they invited me over to share their wedding cake- That’s my favorite kind of couple!! Congratulations! 

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I love the front of the old Adirondack Trust bank downtown. Check out Katie’s legs- ow ow!

These two chose these cute hats for their portraiture, perfect to photograph their unique rings on!

Can’t get enough of Katie’s eyes – GORGEOUS!

Kerry & Rob – Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer

I can’t think of two people more deserving of the happiness they share than Kerry & Rob. Kerry and I have been friends for over ten years, and I was watching when she met Rob for the first time at a swing event- and last weekend I got to watch them tie it up! I was honored to be there with the two of them. Here’s to many more happy and healthy years together- congratulations! 

Their first dance was dreamy- and thanks for doing it in great light!

The best sparkler exit was set off by two uncles with blow torches! They know how it’s done! 

Deb And Pat’s Beach Couples Session – Hampton Beach Photographer

LOVED this couples session with Deb & Pat on their own turf- Hampton Beach, NH. I’ve worked with the beautiful Deb and her dogs countless times, so it was awesome to see just how much she lights up around Pat- who is clearly crazy about her too :) They were giggling and smooching the whole time, making my job so easy! Photographing people in love is my favorite. 

When I saw this heart shaped kite I just swooned- we HAD to get a photo in front of it!

Pat is Tom Cruise’s brother and it shows in his devilish good looks. 

The sun came out just in time to sweeten the end of our shoot.