Winter Elopement Guide

How to Have the Best Snowy Day

So you want to elope and you want a winter wonderland! Enter my winter elopement guide to help you prepare for the cold! If you want it to snow on your elopement day.. I have good news and bad news. Obviously we can never count on precipitation to line up with your date. But the higher in elevation we go, the higher chance of snow on the ground and sticking on the trees for that winter feeling! From November to April in Colorado, there’s a good chance of snow. And it snowed in June and September in the last two years.

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A groom kisses a bride's hand at their winter elopement surrounded by evergreen trees.
This September couple got a surprise blizzard because Colorado is like that.

How to Have Fun in Winter

There are so many great winter activities to share on your winter elopement day! Besides building snowpeople, making snow angels, catching snowflakes on your tongue and having a snowball fight of course! My favorite idea is going dogsledding! In Colorado there are amazing dogsledding places in Breck, Steamboat Springs, Aspen and more! Going tubing, sleigh rides, snowmobile tours, and riding ski gondolas are unforgettable ways to spend your elopement day. There’s no limit to what you can do, and a snowshoe hike would get you to some incredible places! Or visit the ice castles. Stop frequently for food and hot chocolate because the in between moments in your car will warm you up.

A wedding couple wearing coats and gloves embrace in front of a snowy landscape during their winter elopement.
See more of this couple’s full day winter elopement here.

What to Wear for your Winter Elopement

  • 1. TWO pairs of Wool socks. Toes are always the first things to freeze and can make the most beautiful winter elopement into a suffer fest. Wearing wool socks inside your snow boots will make a huge difference. Bring a second pair because once you get snow in your boots, it’s not coming out. Your toes will thank you when you slide those warm, dry socks on.
  • 2. Hand Warmers. These are essential! They warm up your pockets or can be shoved into gloves and shoes to keep your extremities warm and happy. I wouldn’t go out in winter without them. I bring these for my people all the time!
  • 3. Thermals. Sorry, but don’t go for the cute leggings here. Wool thermals are a must and will make the difference between having a great day and being miserable. Wear them underneath dresses AND suits, trust me! Then tuck them into your wool socks. Lucy Pro Tip: Put an extra pair of underwear ON TOP of your thermals. It will keep them from rolling down at the waist when you move!
  • 4. A Coat and Gloves. At some point you’re going to want to put these on. Make sure they’re something you like being photographed in! When you’re eloping in the winter, staying warm doesn’t look out of place. A dramatic cloak is a great option too.
  • 5. Microspikes. Sometimes the parking lot is the slipperiest place! I always recommend these for winter elopements and bring several sets for my clients to use.
  • 6. Gaiters. If you’re doing any winter hiking or think the snow might be more than 6″ deep, consider wearing gaiters! Gaiters are water-proof ponchos for your ankles that strap onto your footwear and go up to your knees so snow can’t fall in.
A wedding couple stands in front of the flatirons in boulder with a fresh coat of snow.

Winter Elopement Packing List

Now that you know what to wear, you can download my winter elopement guide packing list for what to bring! While most of these tips are musts for Colorado winter elopements, this could be applicable in any winter landscape. This is a comprehensive packing list for everything you will need. And we can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be cold. That’s why so much of your winter elopement packing list is made of wool, NOT cotton. Wool keeps you warm even when wet, while cotton traps the dampness close to your skin. It can actually make you colder! When you work with me, I provide microspikes, handwarmers & a first aid kit for your winter elopement. Everything else is up to you!

Download my FREE winter elopement packing list!
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Co written by Rae Redford-Beyer

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