Wild Basin Lodge Fall Elopement

Erin & Kris’s Fall Wild Basin Lodge Elopement Photos

Erin, Kris, and their beloved dog Harley road tripped in their RV to Colorado for their Wild Basin Lodge fall elopement. Originally, they were going to have a large wedding with everyone they love at the Lodge. COVID made it impossible for all but a few of their loved ones to make it. However, if you see anything but a huge grin on any of their faces, I’d be shocked. They embraced the intimate nature of their day and set out to have the best dang time. They grinned through the ceremony, surrounded by the peak of golden aspens. Erin’s brother in law officiated their deeply personal ceremony, with hand written vows from each of them. My favorite moment of their elopement day was just after their first kiss, when they thought I wasn’t looking. The newlyweds embraced, forehead to forehead, and I just melted!

The Beautiful Fall Elopement

Wildfires were still raging in Colorado, even this late into fall. The sky turned orange, giving a warm glow to the outdoor Wild Basin Lodge elopement. We pulled out Harley’s dog bed so that she could have a front row seat. After the ceremony, we went down to the river for off the charts adorable fall elopement portraits. It was insanely easy to take gorgeous photos of these two, especially after dinner when we were treated to a spectacular sunset over the mountains. See their cheeky tush-grabs and romantic scenes at this lovely location! If you’re looking to elope nearby at Copeland Lake in nearby Rocky Mountain National Park, I’ve got a guide for that!

An Intimate Wild Basin Lodge Night

Kris, Erin and their family shared one giant table for dinner and toasts. They enjoyed the lodge’s award winning dinner of bison, elk and steak for hours, telling stories for hours and enjoying each other’s company. Time stretched on and their whole day elopement remained relaxed as could be. When Kris’s sister read a quote from the Office during her toast to the couple, my goofball heart was ecstatic! They all danced together and then the newlyweds had a dance for just the two of them in complete darkness. Check out the satellites over them, and my first ever after-dark tiny planet, too! Congratulations to you both and cheers to many joyous anniversaries!

Venue – Wild Basin Lodge | Flowers – Linda from Finishing Touches

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  1. Debbie Broderick says:

    An absolutely awesome and stunning set of photos. So much magic captured here. I really love your night-time tiny world pic

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