3 Reasons You Should Always Do An Engagement Session

The engagement session is all about making you feel comfortable and excited on your wedding day – I hope that’s as important to you as it is to me! Working with your wedding photographer before your wedding is the number one way to take your wedding photos to the next level. Here are my top 3 reasons why you should ALWAYS do an e-session.


1. It builds trust and friendship. The E-session is crucial if you’re uncomfortable in front of a camera, or if you feel that you “Look bad in pictures”, “hate pictures of [me]” or you’re “not really a picture person”. All of those phrases are based in negative feelings from bad photography experiences in the past. (I’m so, so sorry. Let’s fix that.) You CAN have a great experience, and you DO look good in photos! During the E session, we’ll have a relaxed time as I learn what makes you laugh, and you’ll get to learn my posing style. I like to help people into the most flattering light and then let them be adorable and in love on their own. Sometimes I’ll ask that you turn your bodies, or lift your chin. You’ll see the results of my little hints that make you look your best, so when your wedding day is finally here and I walk in- you already know me, and know that your photos will be stunning. You’ll trust me when I tell you to lie down in a field of grass, or stand on the edge of a puddle- because it came out great the last time we did it! 


2. Giving feedback. As a photographer, I LOVE when couples tell me what they love & want more of OR want less of. You loved the silhouette photo, but not so much sitting down. You loved dancing together but weren’t crazy about reflections, there were not enough black and whites, but you were surprised at how well the night shots turned out. Whatever it is, now I can make your wedding experience even better. It’s like a first draft for me to learn your preferences.

3. It’s fun and you get great photos. This is such a no-brainer, I considered not including it. Engagement sessions are FUN. You’re doing something you love doing together, whether that’s going to a local brewery, hiking, a romantic dressy date at the spot you first met, playing with your dogs or kids, a sport, playing board games, climbing, caving, biking, eating ice cream, having a snowball fight- it can be anything, and it’ll be a totally stress free part of wedding planning. You even get pretty photos to share afterwards! Something to use on your Save the Dates, favors or a guestbook, or just photos to hang at the wedding. 

Please invest an afternoon to turn your wedding photographer from a stranger into a friend. Learn how getting your photo taken with them feels. And if it doesn’t feel good, hire somebody else! You need to LOVE your photographer! Can you think of more reasons to do an engagement session or do you wish you had? Leave a comment! 

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