Where to Elope in Death Valley National Park

My Death Valley Elopement Guide

Listen up, desert lovers! This huge National Park in South Eastern California will have you wondering.. where to elope in Death Valley? And there are SO MANY great spots! My impression before visiting the park was that this park was flat, boring desert, and I could not have been more wrong. The park straddles the Panamint and Amargosa mountain ranges and the valleys between them. Elevation ranges from over 12,000 feet at Jubilee Pass to -282 feet below sea level here at Badwater Basin salt flats.

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Colorful Mountains, Canyons & Craters

This park is full of a crazy amount of diverse landscapes. I had no idea that there were huge sand dunes within Death Valley. I didn’t know that the layers of rock have every color imaginable. Deep reds, pinks, blacks and browns contrast with yellow, white, and pale blue bands. There are even a few young volcanic craters that you can walk down into and explore. If you love geology, rocks, deserts and unique landscapes – this is the elopement location for you.

When to Elope in this Desert

When I visited at the height of summer, the high was 121 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t be me!! I actually sent a text to my Mom: “I’m driving through Death Valley today in an old beat up van. If you don’t hear from me, that’s where I’ve died!” Luckily, we and the old beater made it out alive. But the heat here is NO JOKE. In summer, it is dangerous to exert yourself at all and ALL hiking is discouraged. Just making it up to the lookout at Zabriskie point made us nauseous and dizzy. So when planning a season to elope, there is only one answer: Winter, winter winter. And early mornings, sunset, twilight and starlight magic. There are just a few trees in the park, so don’t expect to find any shade. The hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth was here on July 10th, 1913.

Death Valley Elopement Photography Packages

I offer both photography & planning Death Valley elopement packages, or All inclusive elopements for a one stop shop option. There are no travel fees, download fees, watermarks or other hidden fees.

2 Day elopements in Death Valley – $7900

1.5 Days of elopement photography in Death Valley – $5900

1 Full day adventure elopement in Death Valley – $4900

Up to 4 hours elopement in Death Valley – $4200

Traveling & Staying In The Park

There are nine campgrounds within the park, a few RV parks and hundreds of miles of dirt roads. The only other accommodation is the Furnace Creek Oasis, which is surrounded by palm trees and greenery. If you need a place with showers and modern luxuries like walls, that’s your go to! The northern half of the park is the least visited and is extremely remote. To access unique craters and the sliding stones valley, a 4wd high clearance jeep is required. Death Valley is north of Joshua Tree, South of Mammoth Lakes, and East of Sequoia National Park.

Where to Elope in Death Valley National Park

Provided you get approval on your permit, you could elope anywhere in this park. The application fee is $300 and all the info and application is here. Include your insurance and vehicle testing applications at the same time for the best results. You can drive up to many of the great views, or hike into the colorful layered canyons. Artist’s Palette is a favorite place of mine, as are the sand dunes for playing in. In the spring, some of the valleys in the south become blanketed in wildflowers. And how cool would it be to exchange vows at the lowest place on the entire continent?

Alternative Elopement Locations Outside of Death Valley

Because Death Valley is a long drive from any major cities and any other landmarks, it’s best visited on a road trip. So if you want to honeymoon in the desert, get married while you’re there! But, If the remote nature of Death Valley is too much travel time for you, consider eloping outside of the park’s boundaries. Or, if you are pulling together a short-notice elopement, I can recommend spots that aren’t regulated by the National Park’s permit system.

How do we reserve our date?

Planning a Death Valley Elopement doesn’t have to be difficult! Follow these steps:
1. Select a season and date for your elopement
2. Make your bookings for flights, rental car and accommodation
3. Hire a Death Valley elopement photographer who you LOVE! Contact me below.
4. Coordinate with your photographer to select a ceremony location & time and apply for the ceremony permit with the park
5. Hire additional vendors – Officiant, beauty, and florist if desired.
6. Obtain your California Marriage license and bring it and the permit with you!

And boom! You’re ready to elope in Death Valley National Park!

Do I need an officiant to get married in Death Valley?

California law requires that an officiant signs your marriage license. Hiring an officiant can cost $500 to $2000 depending on how far they have to travel and how much time they’ll spend creating your ceremony. However! I’m ordained, so I can non-denominationally officiate your ceremony to make your marriage legal! Alternatively, have one of your friends or family become ordained so they can be the one to sign the paperwork. So while you do need an officiant, you don’t have to hire one. Additionally, you will need 1 witness to sign your California Marriage license to make it legal. My husband is volunteering right now, or you can ask a stranger for the honor.

Officiant Options:
– Hire a professional officiant ($500 to $2000)
– Elect for me to officiate and create your ceremony for $0
– Bring a friend who gets ordained
– Get legally married in your home state and have a non-legally binding ceremony in Joshua tree.


I’m a nomadic and colorful elopement photographer with an obsession for mountains, hiking, and my cats. My photography style emphasizes the epic landscape of your dreams and the authentic moments that make you two.. well, you two! I love my job and my nature-loving clients. Death Valley is a colorful desert and a hiker’s dream. Maybe I’ll see you there!

I offer half day, full day, 1.5 day and 2 day elopement photography in Death Valley National Park and the wild lands outside of it. See my pricing and package details here. I would love to chat with you and help see if an elopement with me is what you’ve been dreaming of. Get in touch below!

Here’s a preview of my interactive location map for my booked clients:

This map is like a virtual tour of Death Valley and the surrounding highlights with color photos I’ve taken of each place. So you can see all the great spots without leaving your living room. If you’re planning from afar, this is a visual key to picking out the elopement spot that works for you. Details like what seasons and time of day are best for each location are included. It will help you plan your activities, accommodations, and your day’s itinerary. Lastly, it’s easy to have a great backup location picked out with this map in front of you. Having that Plan B in your back pocket will keep your planning stress-free! I can’t share all my tips for how to elope in Death Valley with you!

Get the map & start planning your Death Valley elopement!

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