Vail Colorado Elopement in July

Vail Colorado Elopement

It’s finally time I get to share Izzy & Nate’s Vail Colorado Elopement from July. And where do I start with these two dreamboats? They planned a simple, offbeat, 60’s style camping elopement with close family and friends at a cabin in Vail, Colorado. They invited their loved ones by saying, ‘this isn’t going to feel like a traditional wedding reception.’ Instantly, I’m in. What they ended up with was a morning hike to epic views. Getting ready together. Then a ceremony under an A frame built by the family, decorated with wildflowers in late afternoon. And heartfelt toasts and karaoke all night long.

Goofing off at their Elopement

I always tell couples before their shoot that they don’t have to change what they’re doing or move if they notice that my camera is pointed at them. I even say “no finger guns” as an example. Well, when Nate relayed this to his group of friends in the morning, you can guess what happened.. it was finger guns all day. But I don’t take myself too seriously, and everytime it happened I just doubled over giggling. The whole group was so easygoing and welcomed me with their willingness to put up with my shenanigans. I hope you can feel the couple’s fun sense of humor through their candid photos. They were laughing ALL day!

Vail, CO Hiking Elopement

After the perfume of Colorado in summer was applied- bugspray, that is – we hiked up to 11,000 feet to one of my favorite places in all of Colorado. It was a hike I suggested to Izzy and Nate, so they got to experience it for the first time together. The wildflowers were early this year and absolutely carpeted the landscape. They frolicked and embraced and enjoyed the fresh morning of their wedding day in the wild. This is what a Vail Colorado elopement should be! It was so super gorgeous and a memorable way for them to start their day doing what they love.

Tigiwon House Wedding Photos

Their ceremony was up a long dirt road in the mountains at a historic cabin called the Tigiwon House. You can rent this space through the forest service, which makes it perfect for small groups like theirs. What I loved most about the atmosphere there was that everyone was helping out and pitching in. Friends set up the tables with lanterns and food. The guys brought the 20′ long benches out of the cabin and into the meadow nearby to provide seating. Everything was kept in the family and it brought such a fun sense of community and togetherness. Their friend officiated the ceremony.

An Emotional Elopement Ceremony

Nate waited until Izzy was coming down the aisle to see her in her vintage wedding dress. His lip quivered and a few tears fell out as her parents walked her into the meadow. These two are high school sweethearts, and they both spoke about the first conversation they ever had in their vows. Freaking adorable! Izzy has this quick and infectious laugh that shows up in almost every photo of her I have. After their first kiss, they sprayed champagne for a unique touch. Their family and friends absolutely swarmed them with hugs after the ceremony, which I love! It’s so easy for me to capture people at their best when they’ve loving on each other.

Doing it their way

This Vail Colorado elopement was full of fun and unique surprises. Directly after the ceremony, three of the couple’s friends set out their instruments and played a trio of songs. The newlyweds’ ears and hearts were full of love and appreciation and you can see it all over their faces! Of course, they got a standing ovation. What a cool way for their friends to give tribute. And a unique elopement day experience! They ate dinner together outside and cut the cake when they felt like it. There was a timeline – but to be honest nobody looked at a clock all day and the afternoon stretched on in good company.

Beautiful Vail Elopement Photos

We sent all the guests down the mountain early and I hung back with the newlyweds for some just married portraits. Izzy had long since kicked off her shoes at this point. Nate carried her through the golden meadow at sunset. It was photographer heaven.. especially when they began a playful spank-off! The mountain views at the Tigiwon house are distant, but awesome. Then we stopped at a nearby Aspen grove for their last quiet moment together before the party re-started at their airbnb. The forest was thick with white flowers – and thick with mosquitos. It was worth the bites for the gorgeous forest elopement photos to end their day.

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