A gay couple's engagement photos under the gondola in Telluride, Colorado.

Telluride Engagement Photos


K&P’s Telluride Engagement Photos

Hold onto your butts for this one! I just took Kaige and Patrick’s Telluride Engagement Photos and they are a dream! They frolicked and grinned from ear to ear all over the epic landscape. Telluride is absolutely jaw-dropping and their session is one I’ll never forget! We started just after sunrise by riding the free Gondola to the San Sophia overlook. I don’t think there’s a bigger mountain view in all of Colorado. These two just crack up laughing when they’re together, which makes them oh so easy to photograph. Kaige’s only request was that we feature a lot of green in their backgrounds. Well, check MATE! The early June aspen leaves were the most beautiful shade of green to compliment his leather jacket and Patrick’s crimson button up.

Off Roading Engagement in Telluride

Being that we wanted everyone’s hair (and mustache) to look good, we skipped the hike to Bridal Veil falls. Instead, we chose the rocky 4WD road up the switchbacks instead. Having scouted the area the day before, I knew the road was super rough in some places and there wasn’t much parking. What’s a photographer to do? To my delight and surprise, the guys were happy to jump in the back of my beat up 1996 Explorer for the bumpy ride up. I love my couples that are up for anything. The payoff was incredible! We reached a viewpoint overlooking the mountain ridges surrounding the town of Telluride and the huge Bridal Veil falls.

Bridal Veil Falls Photos

As the sunshine caught up with us, a dramatic rainbow flash appeared in front of the mist of the falls. I’m a sucker for some pride symbolism, so we milked it! My favorite image from their telluride engagement session has to be the rainbow double exposure. After a bit of butt grabbing and romancing, we headed back down the dodgy dirt road. Then at the very end of the session, we stopped at the base of the falls. Together, we braved the spray of the falls as the water thundered against the rocks. We all got soaked! This was a true adventure session as the guys said they’d never been so close to such huge waterfalls. They roared with joy and smooched amongst the rainbows and misty landscape. All my photography dreams came true with their creative and colorful mountain engagement photos! Congratulations Patrick and Kaige, you majestic AF pair! I double-dog can’t wait for their lgbt October wedding now!

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