Telluride Elopement Locations Guide

Welcome to Lucy’s Telluride Elopement Locations Guide

I can’t wait to share with you my favorite Telluride elopement locations! I’d heard a lot about Telluride before I visited, and my expectations were high. But I was still totally blown away by this amazing gem. It lived up to and exceeded all the hype. It’s a good 7 hour drive from Denver, but man is it worth it. It is paradise! Also – when you’re in town, don’t miss the farmer’s market for great street food. How fun would it be to pick up a bouquet at the market the morning of your marriage?

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Telluride’s Waterfalls

The biggest waterfalls in Colorado are concentrated in the Telluride area. In fact, it reminds me of Yosemite! The largest is Bridal Veil Falls, a hike or 4×4 road journey up from the end of town. An old power station perches at the top of the cliff. If you’re up for an adventure, getting close to the base of these falls will have you soaking wet in seconds. It’s exhilarating! More waterfalls can be found on the north and south slopes of Telluride’s valley, and scattered in the mountains nearby. One of them is nestled in a ruby-red rock vein and you can even go behind the falls for an epic view. Another is tucked away in a lush, deep canyon with tons of foliage. I love a good waterfall elopement!

Eloping in Telluride

Like Ouray, most elopement locations in Telluride do not require a permit for use of the national forest. However, some, like the San Sophia overlook, do need to be reserved. This huge vista at the top of the (free!) gondola is incredible; reserve it here. Alpenglow, Golden Ledge and sites on the Aldasoro private property are stunning as well – and the latter do sleigh rides in the winter! Hike to one of the many lakes – the Blue Lakes are the most scenic. Camp out under the stars! Or take in all the fine dining at the mountain village. There are also fantastic airbnbs, ski huts and cabins (try Schmid ranch!) that can be rented for your intimate elopement in Telluride. The views and adventure here are just stunning!

Off Road Telluride Locations

If you’ve got an itch for off roading, look no further than Telluride. Some world class roads are out here for every skill level. Whether you want to drive yourself, or get in touch with a jeep tour company, there are so many fabulous options. With names like Tomboy, Black Bear, Ophir, Imogene, Last Dollar, Owl Creek, Gold King, and Camp Bird, these roads are sure to tickle your fancy. Off roading is an easy way to get great access to incredible views without breaking a sweat. So you can arrive at the top, be totally alone, and without the glossy sheen of an uphill workout. You get me?

Intimate Wedding or Elopement?

I’m a big fan of elopements that are just the two of you. But I’m also a big fan of elopement that include your best friends and family. What can I say, I’m a hype woman for all the options! There are a few picnic areas and town pavilions where you could get together for a meal outdoors. If you are going to have an elopement in Telluride with guests, the hardest part will be finding affordable accommodation for everyone. Telluride is very small, but has a lot of visitors, so rooms book up fast! And don’t think that the off season will be any easier – ski season is BIG.

Plan your elopement..

Will you go hiking, climbing, skiing or jeeping while you’re here? Now I hope you are excited to plan your elopement in Telluride! I can’t wait to give you tips on seasons, accessibility, timing, how-to’s and so much more. Dive in and download my custom map here below. I know you will fall in love with Telluride like I did.

Here is my FREE Telluride elopement map!
Start planning with this instant download!

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