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Boettcher Mansion Winter Wedding Photos – Best Boettcher Mansion Wedding Photographer

This incredible winter wedding in Golden, CO was a snowy dream!

Kristi & Jason’s Winter Della Terra Wedding – Best Estes Park Wedding Photographer

When you plan a wedding in the rocky mountains at the end of November in Colorado, you have to be prepared for any kind of weather. So when the big day dawned in a completely white out blizzard, Kristi and Jason went all. in. and said their vows in the snow as originally planned, making ...

Athena & Andrew’s Proposal – Golden, CO Proposal Photographer

For their anniversary, Andrew planned a thoughtful proposal by the creek where the pair shared their first date and first kiss. I hid in the bushes Andrew and I decided on when we first scouted the area – but this time, I refrained from sitting on a cactus while shooting. (Side note: no better way ...