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Vintage Glam Lesbian Wedding Photos – Colorado LGBT Photographer

This ceremony has so much crying, it's contagious. Don't miss these ladies' intimate wedding photos!

Alissa & Thomas’s Wedding Photos – Barn Wedding Photographer

Feast your eyes on the beautiful love story of the new Mr & Mrs Roberts! This classic barn wedding was a total smash. As you will see, literally everything was pretty and I couldn’t keep my lens off the smitten newlyweds. The best photos of the day happened during the 3 minutes of magnificent sunset. ...

Louisa’s Glamour Session – Portrait Photographer

Louisa has been a special person in my life for many years and now for the first time, she graces my blog in a post all her own. We met up on Peebles Island to celebrate the most special pieces from her wardrobe. The beautiful autumn colors were a spectacular background for Louisa’s playful dancing and twirling ...