Sunrise Estes Park Proposal Photos

Omar & Coley’s Sunrise Estes Park Proposal

I dare you to find a better pair of goofballs than these two, who traveled to Colorado when their original vacation plans fell through. Estes Park does NOT disappoint as a second choice, and Omar still wanted to propose to Coley during their trip, so he contacted me to help coordinate his Estes Park sunrise proposal. Because these two are avid and able hikers, planning a proposal in Rocky Mountain National Park at Dream lake was perfect for them. Omar even waited for Coley to suggest that they hike to Dream Lake that morning – good thing she did as I was hiding up there ready for them! Sunrise is a perfect time to explore the hiking trails and beautiful lakes that Rocky is known for, and early September is always a wonderful time of year in the park.

The Hike

Omar and Coley were treated to a spectacular alpenglow on this clear morning. And Coley was treated to the surprise of her life! Omar first faked a knee injury, claiming that his leg was hurting after the hike. Hilariously, he then asked her to marry him! He created a one of a kind ring for her that highlighted their shared love of Dragon Ball Z. After saying yes, she could not wipe the grin off her face for the rest of their engagement session at Dream Lake! These two were their goofy fun selves the ENTIRE time, and didn’t mind that I shot her grabbing his booty. And dorky dancing on the rocks. And even jamming her engagement ring-laden finger up his nose. Yup, that happened. We talked (about our cats) the entire way down the mountain to the parking lot. I felt like I’d made true friends. I am so happy our paths crossed and I got to create these photographs for them! Congratulations Omar & Coley!

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PROPOSALS | Colorado & Beyond| CONTACT

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