Star Trails Engagement Photos in Evergreen

Valerie & James’ Star Trails Engagement Photos

How can I begin to describe this epic star trails engagement photos session? Valerie & James are so easy to photograph and a joy to be around! My favorite part is how obvious it is that they just really dig each other. I really dig them too, and everyone is going to dig these highlights. So much digging. Enough words, it’s time for the good part: the beauty and laughter of this dreamy e-session!  After seeing her photos, Valerie said, “These are absolutely wonderful. We have such a variety to pick from! Super glad we found you! Looking forward to Sept even more now. Thank you! ♥” . 


I didn’t know that Valerie “used to” play rugby when I suggested they ‘playfully bump into each other.’ Sorry, James. I didn’t know.  (He landed off camera.)


Valerie’s ruby and black diamond engagement ring is spectacular! It’s from Jewelry by Garo.  


Aww yis. Grab some beard.


We are currently taking votes for who has the superior fish face. 


This view. This light. This ridiculously good looking couple. This is a lucky photographer. VJE20VJE21VJE22

Goofs in love. 


And that’s where your standard engagement session would end, but it’s right where we took things to the next level. Valerie & James are fans of all space-themed nerd-dom, so we took advantage of the dark sky to create some epic late night images. 


I spent an additional two hours in the cold after The Talent left to create the star trails for the last two images. It was SO worth it to make these visions come to life!  Valerie & James got 200 spectacular engagement photos just 5 days after the shoot. Bring on their September wedding, it is clearly going to be amazing! -Lucy

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  1. Sandra Jenks says:

    Hi Lucy!! Been wondering where you’ve been! As always such spectacular photos!! You do amazing work!!!

  2. Martha Graebner says:

    Holy Speghetti Monster….Those star trail photos are to die for!!!!

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