St Marys Glacier Photographer

Kat & Decklan’s St Marys Glacier Photographer

I love being a St Marys Glacier photographer! Of all the Colorado lake locations, this is one of my favorites. You want epic. You want adventure. You want secluded, stunning mountain scenery. You want to get up at 5:30am. Wait, what?! I couldn’t believe it when Kat & Decklan agreed to a VERY early morning session for their St Mary’s Glacier Engagement Photos, but I knew it would pay off! On top of being really, really ridiculously good looking, we became instant bffs. If you’ve spent any time with these two, you know they are SO fun and sweet on each other. They even hiked some champagne to the top for a good dose of celebration. Scroll to see their highlights and get in touch soon – you, too, could have amazing mountainy engagement photos – with or without the early wake up call!  

How amazing is this?!!?! 


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