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Hi, I’m Lucy, your knowledgeable Snow Canyon elopement photographer. Let me show you around! This stunning Utah state park is often skipped for the more popular National Parks of Moab, Bryce and Zion. However, after visiting it, I was absolutely blown away by the incredible scenery here. Tucked away just north of St. George, Utah, it’s a MUST visit for the adventurous couple. There are even endangered desert tortoises here!

Where to Elope at Snow Canyon State Park

Here are the 4 locations you can have your elopement in Snow Canyon State Park! All elopement sites in the park follow the same rules: no signs, confetti (birdseed, rice, anything), amplified music or generators, drones, balloons, off-trail use, pets, burning candles or anything else is permitted. Basically, leave no trace! It’s not hard. You can’t book your date on the park’s busy holiday or marathon weekends, and only one elopement per day can happen in the park, so book early if you can! The application cost is negligible, between $100 and $300, plus day use fee of $10 per car unless you have a Utah state park pass. The application and information is here.

Sand Dunes Elopement at Snow Canyon State Park

The first thing you should do when you get to Snow Canyon State Park is go play in the sand dunes! You can sled down the slopes! Hike the trails as you explore the red dunes surrounded by towering red rocks. You can have up to 25 guests here, and early morning and afternoon are both great times to get married here in the summer, while anytime in the cooler winter temperatures would work. This is a totally unique location that will be beyond memorable. Frolic around on the dunes, draw your names in the sand and have the ceremony you’ve always wanted here. You could set out a blanket and have a picnic dinner (cheese plate, anyone?), and have your first dance under only the starlight sharing a set of audio headphones. For more dune locations, check out White Sands National Park and Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes.

Real Elopement Photos at Snow Canyon State Park

Kelly & Mike got married at the Sand Dunes at Snow Canyon State Park in November of 2022. Shooting their elopement from sunrise to sunset was a treat, as we got to explore many different areas of the park in a jam packed day.

Petrified Dunes Elopement Location at Snow Canyon State Park

These fossilized dunes stretch in all directions and you can explore them together until you find the exact right place to elope together, with up to 25 guests. The lines and textures, not to mention the colors of this valley, come together to make a desert scene unlike any other.

Bathrooms: None

About Your Snow Canyon Elopement Photographer

I’m a colorful elopement photographer with an obsession for mountains, hiking, and my cats. My photography style emphasizes the epic landscape of your dreams and the authentic moments that make you two.. well, you two! I love my job and my nature-loving clients. Snow Canyon is as diverse as it is underrated. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Lower Galoot Elopement at Snow Canyon State Park

To answer your first question, No, I don’t know what a galoot is. But I do know that it is awesome! This is the only site in Snow Canyon State Park that you can reserve exclusively for your elopement. It costs $120 for six hours. Two big trees provide some shade at all hours of the day, and a few hours before sunset is just magical here. Because this isn’t a trailhead, you may enjoy more privacy. You can have up to 50 guests and 10 cars. There are picnic tables here too.

Bathrooms: YES! Maybe it’s a little odd to talk about bathrooms in a blog post about romance and marriage, but the park bathrooms at Lower Galoot were THE NICEST I have EVER been into. Talk about a must-do 😉

Snow Canyon Overlook Elopement Location at Snow Canyon State Park

A wide, rocky, 5 mile round trip trail leads to the most unbelievable viewpoint at the head of the canyon. If you’re up for a hike, this spot at sunrise would be knock your socks and your hiking boots off amazing. Because of the hike to get in, this location is private and personal.

Bathrooms: No, it’s a hike

Here is my Snow Canyon Elopement Locations Map:

This map is like a virtual tour of Snow Canyon and the surrounding highlights with color photos I’ve taken of each place. So you can see all the great spots without leaving your living room. If you’re planning from afar, this is a visual key to picking out the elopement spot that works for you. Details like what seasons and time of day are best for each location are included. It will help you plan your activities, accommodations, and your day’s itinerary. Lastly, it’s easy to have a great backup location picked out with this map in front of you. Having that Plan B in your back pocket will keep your planning stress-free!

2024 Snow Canyon Elopement Packages

I offer both Snow Canyon elopement packages with just photography & planning or All inclusive elopements for a one stop shop option. There are no travel fees, download fees, watermarks or other hidden fees. These prices are for 2024.

2 Day elopements in Snow Canyon – $9900

1.5 Days of elopement photography – $7900

1 Full day adventure elopement in Snow Canyon – $6900

Up to 4 hours elopement in Snow Canyon – $5500 **Only available on select 2024 dates**

What is there to see at Snow Canyon State Park?

There is so much to see in this small state park, it’s well worth the $15 entrance fee! Here’s a short list of activities you can find at Snow Canyon State Park. Resorts in nearby St. George offer spas, pools, and fine dining.

  • Ride the park’s bike path on e-bikes
  • Play in the sand dunes
  • Go birdwatching or wildlife spotting
  • Visit the White Rock Amphitheater
  • Hike up the extinct volcano
  • Explore a Lava tube with lanterns
  • Camp in the park’s centrally located campground
  • Get a famous pie from Veyo Pies
  • Venture into the slot canyon and look for the hidden arch

More Great Elopement Locations in Utah

Near Snow Canyon, there are a ton of other adventure opportunities for the outdoorsy couple. Here are some of the nearby attractions!

  • Zion National Park
  • Kanarraville Falls
  • Sand Hollow State Park
  • Quail Spring State Park
  • Kanab, UT
  • Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Why Choose Snow Canyon for your wedding location

Here, you can say your vows without anyone else in the world hearing them. Hello, windswept hair. A dusty train on your gown. Flowers tucked into your backpack, and your bestie by your side for the best morning of your life! If I got married again, the Snow Canyon Overlook would be at the top of my location list. It. Is. Epic.

Make me your Snow Canyon Elopement Photographer!

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