Should I hire 2 Photographers for my wedding

If you’re here on my website, chances are photography is pretty important to you. Maybe not as important as your marriage itself.. but right up there. If it’s important to you, you want your images – and your experience – to be excellent. Now, here’s why you should hire 2 photographers for your day, if you haven’t already! 


#1. I can’t be in more than one location at once

I know, I know – this one is hard to stomach. But it’s a harsh truth that makes this the #1 reason to have two photographers at your wedding. The two times this comes into play the most are during morning preparation, and the moments just before the ceremony. One of us is going to be waiting at the “altar” for the big entrance. A second photographer will catch those emotional moments with dad just before he walks his daughter in. Or photograph a groom’s face as he sees his beloved walking towards him. Or maybe both partners are each getting ready a few miles apart – this way you don’t sacrifice ANY of those moments.

#2. Some ceremonies are very short.

Nowadays I’m encountering more and more ceremonies that are short, sweet, and to the point! Which I love! But, the shorter the ceremony, the less time I have to get ALL the angles – and that means you may end up with 30 photos of your ceremony, and 700 photos of the rest of your day. Hiring two photographers means you will get the grand view, the emotion, and the family reaction shots you have your heart set on, because there will be twice as much time/photographer to capture it. 

3. Sometimes things don’t go right

Despite all our best efforts to buy and maintain the best equipment, sometimes a flash doesn’t fire, or we run out of battery at the wrong moment. And while I have backups with me at all times, The truth is, there are a million and one things that could go wrong with the technical aspects of photographing a wedding. A second photographer has saved my hiney more times than I care to admit when someone or something ends up blocking my view of the action- here are some examples of shots I would have missed that my second photographer nailed. Thank goodness.

4. Candids!!

There is ALWAYS something going on. Guests greeting old friends, children goofing off, grandparents cooing over a new baby, or just enjoying the reception together. A skilled second photographer ensures you’ll get those beautiful candid moments as well as the “formal” portrait – of course, these unposed moments end up being everyone’s favorite anyway! Here are some of my second’s candid moments I couldn’t bear to live without.

5. Standard VS Creative Photography

I’m here to tell your story. But I also want to make some smashing art for your walls! To push the envelope and create new imagery, I’ve got to take risks. And that sounds.. well, risky! What if what I’m doing doesn’t work at all? (That happens.) When I know my second photographer is getting a great shot, I can push myself to take more risks, and create the wild, imaginative, crazy cool shots you hired me for. Two photographers= not just more images, but better images. Here are some examples of each photographer’s perspective on the same moment. 

6. Two angles: two lenses

Two totally different photographs can be taken even from the same angle. We often shoot opposite lenses from each other for the first kiss, first dance, etc, to gain a bigger diversity of images. In this example, could you pick one image you’d live without? I can’t! 

7. The second photographer photographs the details

The centerpieces, decor, and details of your wedding’s design may not be the most important element of the day – but you ought to get a better-than-cellphone shot of something you worked hard on! A second photographer can easily grab these photos before guests are allowed in to the reception area. 

8. Second Photographer & Drone

I can’t fly a drone! Or, I can’t land one.. safely. However, some of my second photographers can and do photograph weddings from their drones -which results in spectacular angles you can’t get from mere terrestrials. How awesome is this??

9. Hiring 2 photographers means more of everything good!

Adding a second photographer means you’ll get 200-300 more photos in your final gallery. More photos of your guests. More candids. More angles. More bloopers.  More adorable couple moments that capture YOU. All my second photographers are excellent photographers on their own, so you’re doubling the awesomeness!

10. Hire 2 photographers – It’s affordable!

I get it, a wedding budget explodes faster than you can say “how many zeros?!” But in the scope of wedding costs, adding a second photographer is less than 25% of the average budget for flowers alone. Or the same price as upgrading your linens and napkins to a premium color.  Or four distant cousins’ wedding meals. And unlike any of those things.. you get to keep your photographs forever.

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