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Samantha & Brittany’s Same Sex Engagement Photos

These supercuties had nothing but giant grins while creating their hilarious same sex engagement photos last month. You’ll see from these engagement session highlights – they just adore each other and laughter is a huge part of their lives together. Now they have me doubly excited for their wedding next year – Two sweet, funny, and chill brides are better than one!  Scroll all the way to the end to see how we (tastefully) incorporated five guys into their session! 😉 

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Two women post for their romantic engagement photos at night. This same sex couple is pictured in black and white in the forest and in silhouette against a blue and pink sky.

When Brittany & Samantha suggested we go out for five guys burgers after the session? OBVIOUSLY I said Hell Yes! Their ultra-romantic devouring of burgers and fries made for some of my favorite photos of the night! Lady and the lady eat burgers.. a tale as old as time.

An adorable same sex couple shared french fries during their engagement photos at five guys.

In the couple’s words:

“My now-wife and I had the honor of having this delightful and obscenely gifted woman as our photographer. Not only is she a phenomenal photographer, she’s also a great friend to have. She’s incredibly funny and easy-going, and those traits come in handy! If you crave creative and fun pictures and not just the same old wedding photos, she’s your person. You want everything captured and not just what one person finds photo-worthy, she’s your person. If you want to feel both listened to AND heard, she’s your person. If you want a flexible problem-solver who has your back no matter what, she’s your person.

Brittany went on..

As one half of a same-sex couple, I can say that she’s a fantastic ally for the LGBT+ community and goes out of her way to make sure you know you’re respected and supported. She’s also great with kids. My little niece and nephew (3 and 7) both have autism. While they are incredible kiddos, they aren’t always easy to photograph! Lucy charms those kids like none other. Sometimes she was the only one there who could. Very few things went according to plan on our wedding day, but with her help, we laughed through it all and had a perfect wedding. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with Lucy. Five stars could never do her justice.”

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