Riviera Maya Elopement Locations – Updated for 2024

Riviera Maya Elopement Photographer

I’m Lucy, a Riviera Maya elopement photographer and I’m ready to share my favorite spots to help you decide where to elope in Riviera Maya. The Riviera Maya is an area within the Quintana Roo province of Mexico on the Caribbean coast just north of Belize. It’s home to the Mayan ruins of Tulum, the well known resort town of Cancun, endless jungle, tropical islands, action-packed adventure and miles of beautiful beaches. The access to amazing excursions, tours, and adventures is unmatched, so if you’re into adventure, you should definitely consider eloping in Riviera Maya.

When to Elope in Riviera Maya

When considering an elopement location, the When is very important. You want to be comfortable, right? So take my advice: elope here in the off-season! This area is very, very, very hot in the summer months. So unless you plan to marry at sunset and be out after dark.. try for a late fall or winter elopement here. November and December are perfect months to elope in the Riviera Maya. It’s hot enough to swim at those gorgeous beaches, but not as crowded with spring breakers as March and April.

How to elope in Riviera Maya in 2024

While all-inclusive resort elopements are popular here, these don’t work for everyone. If you want to have an adventurous day, without the cookie cutter rigidity of a one-size-fits-all package, you’re in the right place! Planning an elopement is much easier and less stressful than a wedding, so let me help you out. Planning an elopement in Riviera Maya is as simple as this:

  1. Choose a date in an ideal season
  2. Book your flights to Cancun
  3. Choose a Riviera Maya elopement photographer with knowledge of the area
  4. Collab with your photographer to create a timeline of ceremony, photos and activities that you LOVE
  5. Book accommodation & hire any additional vendors
  6. Elope!!

Riviera Maya Island Elopement Locations

I’ve been all over three of the islands around the north part of the coastline. Each one different and spectacular in unique ways. I hope you love white sand beaches and crystal clear water, because they all have that in common! An island elopement in the Riviera Maya would work well for you if you don’t need to invite guests. There aren’t many venues or natural areas that would accommodate even a group of 10. The advantage to that is that chartering a boat out to the island you desire and exploring everywhere you want to is more affordable when its just you two. Guys, there is a pirate ship you can charter. Enough said!

Cozumel Elopement Locations and Photographer

A short ferry ride takes you to the island of Cozumel. It’s got a quaint downtown and colorful streets printed with a bird motif. It’s more casual and laid back than the towns on the mainland. If you love beaches, consider an elopement on the sandy shores of Cozumel. The east coast on the gulf is less visited. Although it is just a short taxi ride across the interior. The beaches are beautiful, with palms, breeze, and rocky formations. The channel side of the island has plenty of vibrant opportunities for excursions, dining, and more well known beaches. There are even Mayan ruins if you know where to look! And take the Ultramar ferry to Cozumel instead of the Winjet ferry – it’s more stable on the water. If you’re a scuba diver, you already know this area is home to world’s second largest reef, and cannot be missed!

Tulum Elopement Locations

Tulum has long been a destination elopement spot and for good reason. The Mayan ruins by the seashore combines two gorgeous elements that are just breathtaking, and were built between the 13th and 15th centuries. There are cenotes (more on that later), the ruins of Coba, and my favorite elopement venue probably ever: Arcadia Events. This amazing spot is nestled in the jungle and gives you that feeling of being surrounded by ruins. One look at Arcadia’s instagram will have you drooling. While in Tulum, I snorkeled in a freshwater mangrove that had an American Crocodile in it.. I’ll let you know where *not* to go in Tulum too 🙂

Cenote Elopement Photographer

My personal favorite of the region is a visit to the cenotes. A cenote (se-note-ay) is a limestone sinkhole, and there are thousands in the Yucutan peninsula of Mexico. These freshwater systems are home to some limited aquatic life and fossilized ancient coral reefs. This unique ecosystem is worth visiting. And, you could fulfill my dream of eloping underwater if you’re a scuba diver. Now THAT is unforgettable!

About your Riviera Maya elopement photographer

I’m a colorful Riviera Maya elopement photographer with an obsession for new adventures, new foods and new people. My photography style emphasizes the epic landscape of your dreams and the authentic moments that make you two.. well, you two! I love my job and my nature-loving clients. The Riviera Maya and its waters holds a piece of my heart. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Where to stay for your Riviera Maya elopement in 2024

Accommodation in this area is CHEAP! A great place can be found for around $70/night, less than most USA hotels. Some of the coolest and most unique airbnbs are under $200 a night. Making your accommodation different from a normal hotel is one of the number 1 ways to have an incredible and special elopement. This won’t feel like another vacation when you spend a memorable week in a treehouse, geodesic dome, condo with a rooftop pool, a modern hut in the jungle of Cozumel, or an entire house on the beach. Check out my list of Riviera Maya Airbnbs to get inspired.

Where to eat in Riviera Maya

One of my favorite parts of any trip to the Riviera Maya is the amazing food! There are NO drive-thru’s, and it’s easy to find family owned restaurants. Even better, the street food is tasty, cheap, and packed with flavor. If you love spicy food, head to the street carts for some tacos: campechano, aracherra, arabe and of course al pastor. If you have a milder palette, fear not. You can easily opt out of the habenero salsas and picante pico de gallo. Two distinctive desserts characterize the Yucutan Peninsula of Mexico, and you have to try both! Marquesitas are crispy crepes filled with your choice of chocolate, fruit, and cream cheese and sold at street carts. And Churros – hot, fresh, and filled with nutella or dulce de leche – are waiting for you around every corner.

What to do during Riviera Maya elopement?

This is where Mexico’s Riviera Maya area really shines. Because it’s a big tourist destination, there are plenty of activities for getting your blood pumping. Whether you’re into jet skiing, horseback riding, zip lining, ATVing, tequila tasting, parasailing, snorkeling and diving, laying on the beach or drinking on a boat – you can find so much awesomeness here.

How much does it cost to elope in Mexico?

If you are looking for a one-stop shop elopement at a resort, that could cost a thousands, and it still wouldn’t be the memorable adventure that you want! Aside from your flight cost that can vary, it’s very affordable to elope in Mexico. More savings: you don’t need a rental car in this area, as taxis are prevalent and fair. Here is a sample budget breakdown for a 2 person dream elopement in Riviera Maya:
$500 to $5,000 your best outfit ever: dresses, suits, accessories
$400 to $4,000 Accommodation of your choice of budget
$300+ Food and all the snacks, street food, and churros
$5,000 to $8,000 A great Riviera Maya elopement photographer
$200 Flowers
$350 Optional hair and makeup services
$200 Taxis/drivers
$500 to $1500 Adventure excursions – boat tours, ATVs, zip lines, entrance to ruins, etc.

TOTAL: $7500 to $20,000 plus flights

How much time do we need to elope in Mexico?

Don’t sell yourself short by planning a short elopement for only a few hours in this magical destination. I know you’ll be spending a few days there already. So on the day you’ve planned the most fun and exciting bucket list items, have your elopement ceremony in the middle, or at sunset on the beach after an amazing day. Having a full day elopement in Riviera Maya is the way to go, and the minimum I’d recommend! Plus, you won’t be watching the clock or stressing about getting everything done in just 2 to 4 hours.

Example Riviera Maya Elopement Timeline

6:30 First look on the beach outside your waterfront bungalow. Run down the beach barefoot.
8:00 Fresh fruit and crepes for breakfast
10:00 Explore the ancient ruins in Tulum
11:30 Street tacos and smoothies for lunch
1:00 Hike down to a remote Cenote. Say your vows on the edge of the pure clear waters, or underwater!
2:00 Champagne celebration (or tequila shots!) with nutella filled churros instead of cake
4:00 Take the ferry to Cozumel and check into a jungle villa.
6:30 Lobster dinner and sunset on the beach!

8:00 Go on a snorkeling tour of the offshore islands
11:00 Write your names in the idyllic white sand beach
12:00 Provided lunch with the hermit crabs and iguanas

2024 Riviera Maya Elopement Packages

I offer Riviera Maya elopement packages that include all day elopement photography & hands on planning assistance. There are no travel fees, download fees, watermarks or other hidden fees.

2 Day elopements in Mexico – $8900

1.5 Days of elopement photography – $7900

1 Full day adventure elopement in Mexico – $6900

All-Inclusive Elopements start at $15,000usd.

Hooked on a Riviera Maya Elopement?

If you’re dreaming of a tropical elopement in the Riviera Maya, I would love to help you on that journey. I can assist in finding the perfect spot for you depending on your specific needs, y yo hablo espanol! So don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! Your elopement is about to be tropical as heck!

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