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Ruth & Will’s Queer Elopement Photos

Will wore a custom purple printed corset for his big day, and it was perfect for their queer elopement photos! I mean, he did rock killer pink heels at their engagement session. The poly pair planned their elopement to be above all else, authentically THEM. On a bright September Thursday they gathered their besties in a colorful hostel and had a pillow fight. Because, duh! They beautified themselves surrounded by each of their five best friends in separate rooms. Sweet tears were shared as they saw each other dressed for the first time.  Will kept his look a secret from Ruth, so he tapped her on the shoulder for the big reveal. It was an incredible moment in the beautiful garden atrium of Solarium. Then we grabbed their pup, hopped in our cars and headed up into the mountains outside of Fort Collins for their intimate elopement. On the way up the mountain road for their romantic portraits, they told me to just yell “STOP!!” when I saw a scene I wanted to shoot – and stop we did! I’m so glad they put their trust in me, as we shot with cliffs and peaks, red rocks and golden streaks of late afternoon light.

The Queer Elopement Ceremony

They picked out a circular meadow in between a grove of aspens for their intimate elopement ceremony. It was quiet and still and everyone came with their hearts wide open. One by one, their friends made speeches of encouragement, support, and love in the growing darkness. Everyone cried during the couple’s private vows, and when they were finished we realized it was pitch dark. All ten friends witnessed and signed the marriage license on each other’s backs lit by cell phone flashlights and the hoop lights that Ruth designed in a circle motif. Okay, enough with the words – check out their beautiful highlights of this unique elopement celebration!

A Crazy idea with a crazier stunt driver..

While driving up the mountain to this spot, I pitched the idea to them of kicking up dust from the dirt road behind them so that the sunset light would filter through the dust particles. I’m not sure I did a good job of explaining the shot I saw in my head. But, being the best couple ever, they obliged. Or should I say Carl obliged, as our daredevil chauffer, lighting assistant and bridesman Carl took their subaru for a wild ride. Up and down a 20 foot stretch of road behind them, repeatedly, at god-knows-how-many-mph with a lot of screeching and braking and luckily, lots of dust. It was also a surefire way to make the couple laugh, as every time Carl flew by they just roared with laughter at the ridiculousness of the whole situation. And yeah, the photos came out SO GOOD. 

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