New Zealand – March 25


Continued from March 24th.

Sunrise vantage point: Bennett’s Bluff, a small gravel pull-off place just around the bend of lake Wakatipu. It was very grey, and I was early, so I napped and kept waking up for a look outside to see if it was getting any prettier. Hazy clouds soon revealed a short but crisp rainbow in front of the mountains.     

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I stopped a few more times for great views of the lake, mountains and clouds before arriving in the tiny town of Glenorchy.

I parked at the marina and spent a long time stalking the shore, wharf, and taking the Glenorchy walkway around a “lagoon” (swamp).

It was blustery and soon started to rain, but the cold misery was short lived: more rainbows appeared after every shower.

I then headed further up the road to a place called Paradise, which is not a town but a region where everything is beautiful.

When the road crossed more river fords than I was comfortable driving through, I stopped and entered a gorgeous old forest blanketed in bright green moss. I soon needed to take off my shoes to experience the forest through my feet. It was magical. Stumps, chest high and covered in moss, big roots covered in moss, rotting logs covered in moss, huge tall beech trees covered in moss. Looking at my map afterwards, the area near this forest is marked as LOTR/Hobbit movies filmed The Forest Of Middle Earth, and it was better without the Orcs.

In late afternoon, I went back out to the Glenorchy waterfront for more spectacular scenery. 

Glenorchy in Black & White

The last light on the mountains to the west of Glenorchy was gorgeous. 

There is something about the immense size of the mountains that made me feel very small and alone, but then I met a lovely cat named Clara who DID NOT want her belly touched (though she invited me.. ow) Lovely company, cats, they make me smile. I saw another large grey tomcat too, but he was fat and did not want to meet me. 

You can purchase prints of these images and more from the south island here!

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