New Zealand – March 23rd


Continued from March 22nd

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I promised myself that no matter how grey and cloudy it was, I would hike to Lake Matheson for the shred of hope that I could have a worthwhile sunrise experience. This was one of my earliest mornings because I had to drive back along that aforementioned dangerous road in the dark. Alas, there was nothing good about that sunrise, as the clouds stayed and no views of any mountains were had. Perhaps my most disappointing moment on the whole trip was not getting to see that reflection. I drove south, pausing many times at vistas and short walks to Thunder Creek falls and The Blue Pools. A lovely but fly infested dune walk was my first stop, with driftwood and these peculiar pebbles in hollowed out hutches on the beach rocks.  

Thunder Creek falls and nature details surrounding the Blue Pools walk.

The Blue Pools, where a river named the Blue River pools, and the pools are.. very blue.

At a campsite on lake Wanaka, it was very windy, and though the dark blue water was beautiful, I felt like I’d exhausted the photo opportunities in just a short walk around. 

I pushed on to the town of Wanaka, passing lake Hawea on my left and this view (7 image panoramic stitch)! I was cursing myself for having just one night in the region- it is awesomely beautiful.

Lone Tree in Wanaka is one of the most photographed trees in the world. It stands several meters out into the lake, and I was really looking forward to its reflection.. except the lake level that week was so low that there was no reflection. Take that, circumstances, I will make a composition out of you anyway!

 I found plenty to photograph on the beach besides the tree as late afternoon light touched the poplar stands by the side of the lake, the forested islands, blue waters and  mountains in every direction.

I made the decision to drive back to Hawea for sunset and camp there overnight, and I’m so glad I did. Sunset onto the mountain face was epic, and the whole sky turned pink and the hills glowed orange.

You can purchase prints of these images and more from the south island here!

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