New Zealand – March 19th


Continued from March 18th

My flight to the south island was completely uneventful and pleasant.  Once in Christchurch, I picked up my next rental van, groceries and gas and started my counter-clockwise tour of the south island. The countryside was nice, but the light was bleh and there weren’t many places to pull over, so for the most part I did not stop. I stopped at one small waterfall with signs reading “Danger, do not go down to the falls. Lives have been lost. Thank you, signed, The Government.” 

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I arrived in early evening at Kerr Bay in Nelson Lakes National park on the shore of Lake Rotoiti. Commence my next fast-paced shooting-the-sunset extravaganza!

Last light on the St Arnaud Range to the west of lake Rotoiti was really spectacular. However the sand flies and freezing glacial-lake water made for very uncomfortable conditions.

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  1. I am eager to see the rest of the South Island. My favorite place on this earth!

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