Meredith & Jeff’s Colorful Destination Wedding Photos

Colorful Destination Wedding Photos

Get ready for a boatload of colorful destination wedding photos! There is no more deserving couple for an amazing wedding day than Meredith and Jeff! The pandemic kept them separated as Jeff was deployed in Guam and couldn’t come home. They had to postpone this day, but it was absolutely worth the wait. Meredith got ready with her sisters and bridesmaids and flower children. Jeff’s brother and friends from high school toasted him. They shared an adorable first look in front of the barns at the Promise Gardens and read sweet cards about their wishes for the future together. It probably goes without saying, but I cried behind my camera so many times at this wedding.

So many candids

I already knew Jeff and Meredith were dreamboats (peep their amazing engagement session on an actual battleship.) You can tell from their colorful destination wedding photos how much fun they had all. day. long! From Meredith’s Blue Steel bridal look, her sister’s tender toast, the hilarious shoe game and the rockin’ dancefloor – they kept me on my toes. One thing I love about photographing kids at weddings is that they’re never afraid to be themselves. Something adults could learn from! It’s a party – please have as much fun as possible. And party accordingly. Scroll to the end to see an alumni photo of several of my past LSP couples showing me some love!

Making Moments throughout the day

Gone are the days of weddings where you spend hours away from your guests taking photos. Meredith and Jeff’s timeline allowed them to mingle and greet everyone. A few times I grabbed them for a photo in the historic barns inthe afternoon, during their dinner, at sunset, and of course at the romantic sparkler exit. They got so much variety in their photos by having their day this way. Enough words- let’s get to the good part. The epic, beautiful, hilarious, emotional, swing dancin’ wedding photos. Congratulations you two!

Here’s our LSP alumni selfie! See the alumni’s weddings here: Amy & Adam and Amber & Erik!

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