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Nikki & Saeed’s Maui Engagement Photos

Maui no ka oi. In Hawaiian, this means ‘Maui is unlike any place else’ – a fact that these Maui Engagement Photos surely drives home. We met up with Nikki and Saeed at the Nakalele Blowhole on the northwest coast of Maui. And yeah, ‘Blowhole’ isn’t exactly the most romantic of place names. But this blog is for photos, not words, so I’ll let them do most of the talking. The scenery here is out of this world amazing. The ocean pounds against the cliff below us, the salty breeze plays with the tall grasses. Everything is green and lush on this tropical island. Of course Maui is paradise on earth and there are tons of amazing places on the island to explore.

Maui Lokelani Engagement Leis

These two sweethearts were more than happy to snuggle up together on the coast. Nikki wore this fantastic eye catching hot pink dress that blew in the wind with her hair. Saeed matched her in a hawaiian shirt that kept things breezy and comfortable. They both had real flower lei’s in Maui’s signature color, the pink lokelani. Let me just say, the fragrance of the fresh blooms made the session magical even when we closed our eyes. When you come to Hawaii, real flower leis are a MUST!

Traveling Photographer

I’m so excited to be heading back to Hawaii in 2022, and would love to meet you there! I travel half the time for destination weddings, elopements, proposals and engagements and the other half of the time I’m home in Colorado. See my travel schedule here! Exploring new places is the #1 way to my heart.. and sharing those places with others is #2. My favorite part of Nikki & Saeed’s session is their tiny planet, showing off the whole view of their miniature island. Check it out below!

To start planning your Hawaii elopement photography or Maui engagement photos, just get in touch!

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