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Cassandra & Spencer’s Ski Themed Loveland Pass Engagement Photos

Cassandra and Spencer put their trust in me to capture their winter Colorado engagement photos ahead of their Denver Wellshire wedding later this year. Let me just get this out of the way first-  we had a great time. That needed to be said only because of the intense type-2 fun (aka suffering) we shared to make these photos happen. Their Loveland Pass Engagement Photos were inevitably going to be cold, but on this particular day, every time their coats came off they were blasted with ridiculous arctic winds, with ice dust coating their skin and all but blowing them off the mountain. Their coats would go back on and the wind immediately died down – if it wasn’t freezing their faces off, the timing would have been comical.

A Windy Winter Session at Loveland Pass

At one point, Spencer’s puffy vest blew completely off the mountain and down the slope into the bowl. An unsaid agreement in our eyes said none of us would be going down to get it. No freaking way! In the most Colorado Thing Ever To Happen, a Local Bro With A Beer volunteered. He slid down, grabbed the vest and somehow, inch by inch, picked his way up the crazy steep slope to give it back to us. I think we were all shocked. Cheers to that guy, we owe you another beer! (though it seemed like you don’t need one.). We took breaks in our cars to keep warm. Anything to bring them their winter engagement session dreams!

Harry Potter Fans

When they brought our their Harry Potter novels and read to each other, hair and Gryffindor scarf flying, their genuine connection and laughter was so sweet that we forgot all about being cold. We definitely got that high altitude feeling for their Colorado mountain engagement photos that they’d wanted, and when they switched into their ski gear I felt like we were really capturing THEM. They felt comfortable showing their goofy sides as they swashbuckled with their poles and bumped goggles to kiss. The photos of their ski themed winter engagement just got more and more epic the more time we spent together, ending in some really fun double exposures. I told you – we had a fantastic time!   

And there goes the coat, at their feet in the first photo – you see how crazy the wind was! 

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