Kenosha Pass Elopement Photos

Kenosha Pass Elopement Photos

You may remember our heroes from their stunning Paint Mines Engagement session last year. Their Kenosha pass elopement photos are just as stunning and full of those just-married feels. While they postponed their big bash wedding to next October, they still wanted to get married soon. Afton and Andrew don’t take themselves too seriously, so it was really fun to capture their happy go lucky antics. And antics there were! Bottles of bubbly were a central element and both the bride and I got caught with our pants down.

Kenosha Pass Colorado Elopement Photos In October

Their morning elopement was delayed by major traffic on highway 285. But because they had chosen to elope, it didn’t matter that they were “late”. Most of the Aspens had been blown away by early fall wind storms. That didn’t stop us from squeezing out every ounce of fall color we could. Afton knitted her own mustard shawl, continuing the personal touches central to their elopement photos.

Cabins, Cake and Corn Hole after Kenosha Pass

You’ll see this fun loving couple’s personality reflected in their ring shot. They specifically requested to have food incorporated in the macro photo, and I delivered. Dripping bright yellow nacho sauce on her incredible sapphire ring was hilarious, and I’m pretty sure all the guests thought I was nuts. I am nuts, though. Because it was a cold morning, I wore thermals, and I proudly selected my favorite pair with flames on them. Then a few minutes after arriving at their casual reception cabin, I looked down and found my outer pants COVERED in spiny burrs. So I had to take my pants off – obviously. Scroll all the way to the end to see the shot my husband caught of me, thermals aflame!

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