Hawaii Elopement Locations

Island of Hawaii Elopement Locations

Thinking of eloping on a tropical island? Here’s my ultimate guide to the Island of Hawaii Elopement Locations you should consider! When I plan a trip, my goal is to visit all the most beautiful places. Now, armed with these photos, I get to share my favorite spots with you! Because it’s going to be beautiful. But there is so much more to this under-rated and under-visited Hawaiian Island. I’ve included a sample timeline at the bottom of this guide and get in touch to see my location map!

Here is my Hawaii Elopement Locations map for photographers and couples:

This custom map shows all the locations you get to virtually explore before your elopement day. This map helps you decide what kind of scenery and adventures might be perfect for you! This map is like a virtual tour of the Big Island with color photos I’ve taken of each place. So you can see all the great spots without leaving your living room. If you’re planning from afar, this is a visual key to picking out the elopement spot that works for you. It will help you plan your activities, accommodations, and your day’s itinerary. Lastly, it’s easy to have a great backup location picked out with this map in front of you. Having that Plan B in your back pocket will keep your planning stress-free!

Start planning your Hawaii Elopement Photography with me!

Hawaii Beach Elopement Locations

Tropical islands and beaches go together like pineapples and coconut. And this island is packed with them! The western Kona side of the island is known for it’s beaches. One of my favorites is near Kukio. Because the sun sets over the pacific on these beaches, they’re a great option for couples who don’t want to get up early. Some beaches are sandy while the beaches to the south and east edge of the island are black with volcanic sand or rock. TIP: Beaches are also some of the easiest place to get permits for your small elopement ceremony. Don’t you want your toes in the sand when you say I do?!

What Season to Elope in Hawaii

Hawaii is tropical all year round! From May to October is the “dry” season which brings generally calmer waters and less rain. Though it still rains almost every day on the east side. And tropical storms come through in the dry season, so take that with a grain of salt. From November to April is the wet season, and it’s still warm enough every day to feel like you’re on a tropical vacation. There is no bad time to Elope in Hawaii. TIP: If you can, avoid planning your trip around other major holidays. It will be very busy and hard to get accommodations, rental cars and parking spots during Easter, Spring Break, & Christmas.

Eloping in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

The crown jewel of Hawaii! You should consider a Hawaii Volcanoes National Park elopement if you want a unique and unforgettable experience. Seeing the Kilauea volcano up close is something to be felt and experienced – you just can’t get it in a photo. If there is an active lava flow, don’t miss out on seeing the park after dark. Not only does the sky light up with an orange glow from the Lava, but you can actually see it spurting with your own eyes. And the stars.. they glow so brightly in this remote place. TIP: Shhh.. if you’re quiet.. you can HEAR the volcano’s distant roar.

How to Elope at Hawaii Volcanoes

There is so much more to see in the National Park, not just the Volcano. It’s got some of the best hikes on the big island. The jungles are pristine and full of birdwatching, craters, steam vents, and old lava flows. The Nahuku Lava Tube is a fabulous place to explore. And the scenic drive down to the rugged coastline is a must do! To have a small wedding in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, you must apply for a $150 special use permit from the Park. You must also select a location that is not a busy or popular area for your ceremony. That’s where I come in! I can help you select amazing locations that will be gorgeous.. and private!

Hawaii Elopement Photography Packages

I offer both photography & planning Hawaii elopement packages, or All inclusive elopements for a one stop shop option. There are no travel fees, download fees, watermarks or other hidden fees. These prices are for 2024.

2 Day elopements in Hawaii – $9900

1.5 Days of elopement photography – $7900

1 Full day adventure elopement in Hawaii – $6900

Hawaiian Things to Keep in Mind

Hawaii is a sacred place and EVERYWHERE you go must be treated with respect. The rules for elopements in the National Park are easy to follow if you are a good human being. You can have up to 12 chairs if you are bringing guests. But refrain from bringing ANY plants with seeds – including dried flowers. Don’t move anything you find in the park, and clean up after yourself. It all goes along with the philosophy of being ‘pono’. Pono is Hawaiian for the state of being in harmony with nature and follows Leave No Trace principles. Please be a considerate steward of the outdoors and respect this amazing Island. TIP: take the Pono Pledge when you visit.

Geography of the Big Island of Hawaii

Hawaii is the youngest and furthest East of the Hawaiian Island chain. It is home to some 200k people – it’s called the Big Island for a reason! The Big Island is dominated by two massive volcano peaks in the middle. Mauna Loa at 13,680′ and Mauna Kea, the highest mountain in the world (if measured from the sea floor) stands at almost 14,000′ feet tall. That means that you can drive from the beach to the tundra in one day! These are remote areas and much of the slopes are covered in dried lava. The west coast of the island is the resort coast with calm waters for swimming and beach activities. The east side is the rainforest, with hiking and waterfalls and sights to see from the northern tip to the southernmost point in the USA.

Elopement Photographer near Hilo, Hawaii

Hilo (Hee-low) is the rainier side of the Big Island, and has the larger city. This side is far more local and doesn’t have the large resort feeling that Kona has. It is not just rainy here, but there is a constant, pervasive dampness. It’s also absolutely gorgeous. Consider one of my Hilo Hawaii Elopement locations if you love the rainforest, jungle, in the wild feeling. There are tons of Chocolate, Vanilla and other farm tours as well as lava tubes, caves, rivers, bays, vents and waterfalls.

Where to stay on Hawaii?

Since this is a Big Island, you’ll want to localize your accommodation to the area where you’ll be eloping to minimize driving time. If you are eloping in Kona, you’ll be staying at a resort, condo or hotel. If you are planning a Hilo elopement, there are some unique airbnbs, treehouses, and cabins in the Pahoa and Keaau areas. For the National Park, you should definitely stay in the little town of Volcano or at the Volcano House inside the park for the ultimate cozy experience. Stay in Punalu’u near the south coast if you want to see the green sand beach. For the northern part of Hawaii, look for options in Waimea.

What makes Hawaii a unique Elopement Location

Hawaii is unique because of the volcano and the oceanic life. The west coast has the best scuba dive sites on the main Islands. A major bucket list item is to snorkel or dive, if possible, with the manta rays off the Kona Coast. The rays are unbelievable to see up close and you will be awe-struck by the experience. Also, the Kilauea volcano is currently the only active volcano in the United States. The current eruption began in September 2021 and is filling a large lava lake in the crater.

About me – Hawaii Volcanoes Photographer

I’m a nomadic and colorful elopement photographer with an obsession for mountains, hiking, scuba, and my cats. My photography style emphasizes the epic landscape of your dreams and the authentic moments that make you two.. well, you two! I love my job and my nature-loving clients. Hawaii is one of my very favorite places to explore in all of the United States. Maybe I’ll see you there!

I offer full day, 1.5 day and 2 day elopement photography in National Parks and the wild lands outside of them. See my pricing and package details here. I would love to chat with you and help see if a Hawaiian elopement with me is what you’ve been dreaming of. Get in touch below!

Epic Hawaii Volcanoes Elopement Timeline for 2 people

7:00 Sunrise first look at a black sand beach
8:30 Take the scenic drive through Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
9:30 Jetboiled coffee and breakfast burritos at the Sea Arch
11:00 Explore the Nahuku lava tube
12:00 Visit the Winery for lunch
1:30 Hike down and explore the crater floor (or take a nap.)
4:00 Begin a short hike through the jungle
4:45 Elopement ceremony on the edge of a volcanic crater
5:30 First dance under a rainbow in the Lava field
6:00 Sunset dinner at the Volcano House overlooking the crater
7:00 Hike to the lava viewpoint to hear the volcano and get a night portrait

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