Graffiti Engagement Photos


Downtown Denver Graffiti Engagement Photos

I can honestly say I’ve never shot a more colorful and straight up funkalicious session than this pair’s graffiti engagement photos. Though.. there was nothing straight about it! Natalie & Yvonne went totally out of the box crazy for their downtown denver photos. They even wore the wildest pizza-inspired patterned outfits against the colorful murals of RiNo. (This just in – pizza themed clothing exists, and I need some right now.) The way they light each other up is my favorite part. I am OBSESSED with how both women stayed true to themselves and laughed the whole time.. even when everything was so dang ridiculous! The funniest part was probably when they watched me scrub the DIRTIEST porthole window of all time with drips from my camelback and my last lens cloth. The reflection of them in the clean spot was 110% worth it! But yes, I looked like a wacko. The bombshell LGBTQ blondes even brought and used their own street scooters for that badass flair. BEEP BEEP get out the way! The pair agreed to sit in a busy and grimy downtown street to make my vision of the rainbow crosswalk come to life. In short, their graffiti engagement photos were BOMB AF! See more LGBTQ weddings, elopements, proposals and engagements here.

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